Yusei Fudo

Yusei Fudo

Yusei and Stardust Dragon
Japanese Fudo Yusei
English Yusei Fudo
Debut Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Episode 1
Deck Junk, Warrior, Stardust
Age 18
Gender Male
Signature Card Stardust Dragon

Yusei Fudo is the main character of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Series, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. He is one of the Signers, with the head Mark of the Dragon upon him. He is also the current King of Duellists. He is known by many within the show for having a masterful and genius dueling style, and his calm and collected personality. His Duel Runner is called the Yusei Go. In the English anime, "Let's rev it up!" is a catchphrase he often uses when he Synchro Summons a monster.


[edit] Design

Yusei has pointed black hair accented by golden highlights and has dark blue eyes. The upper layers point upwards, but the lower layers point downwards. He wears a blue jacket with long sleeves decorated with a high collar and amber gems over a black vest endorned with a red symbol. He also wears black gloves with amber gems on them, and jeans with amber kneeguards. He also wears a belt with two deck boxes on it (one turbo duel deck, and one standard duel deck), and calf-high boots designed for motorcycle races. After episode 5, he acquires a jagged Criminal Mark on his left cheek as a result of breaking out of Satellite and going to the mainland. In episode 116 and episode 117 he covers them with make up. Previously, his Mark of the Dragon was the tail, which is permanently burnt onto his right arm after the Fortune Cup story arc. After he defeats Goodwin, he receives the head of the dragon mark and Crow Hogan received the tail marking.

Whilst in Crash Town, Yusei replaced his Duel Disk with a Duel Disk Revolver commonly used in town, and wore a poncho embroidered with his dragon mark. In the manga, Yusei wears his poncho at the D1 Grand Prix, but it does not have his dragon mark on it.

During the WRGP his normal outfit is changed slightly for Turbo Duels. It is almost the same, but is more form fitting, but there is a black and orange strap at the bottom of his jacket and his boots are now knee-high.

[edit] Personality

Yusei is often seen as serious, as he is always extremely calm and rarely acts upon impulse, always thinking through his moves before he makes them, so he can try and stay one step ahead of his opponent at all times. This is obvious when he duels, as he often mentally has flowcharts to visualise his strategies when thinking about duels. Yusei is very loyal to his friends, and is very hesitant to endanger them in any way. He has his way with words that convince anyone. He also has a fear of insects after a cockroach nested in his ear. This is remedied in his duel with Lenny. Yusei likes working with machines but especially with his Duel Runner. He talks constantly to Bruno in the Road to Destiny series about his Duel Runner which annoys Yusei's other friends.

[edit] Biography

[edit] Childhood

Yusei was born in the Tops area of New Domino City in the Silver Spoon, and his parents led Kaiba Corporation's R.R.D., who worked on the Ener-D reactor that eventually caused the Zero Reverse effect, which destroyed and separated New Domino City and Satellite, after Roman Goodwin overloaded the system. Professor Fudo named his son after the Planetary Particle (yuusei ryuushi), because he wished that Yusei would one day have the ability to connect people with bonds. As the Zero Reverse took pace, Professor Fudo placed his son in an escape pod to save him from certain death. Both of his parents died, and Yusei was sent to an orphanage on Satellite, where he met Martha, who became his foster mother. Growing up, he became very interested in auto-shop and befriended Jack Atlas, who helped defend him from bullies, and Crow Hogan.

As a child, he started to work on the recycling line with his friends, forced to do labour for the residents of New Domino and denied many items regarded as luxurious on Satellite, but as everyday items in New Domino.

[edit] Enforcers

Being forced to survive by any means necessary on the Satellite, Yusei honed his dueling skills, and along with Kalin Kessler, Jack Atlas, and Crow Hogan, he became a part of the Enforcers (known as Team Satisfaction in the Japanese version). The group, believeing it would be impossible for them to ever leave Satellite, decided to make the most of their existence there and started dueling, taking over other districts of the city.

Once, whilst facing a rival Duel Gang, one of the opponents tries to kill Yusei by throwing him from the roof, but he is saved by Kalin, who grabs him by the cuff of his duel disk. Kalin's platform then begins to give way, and Yusei tells Kalin to go and save himself, but Kalin refuses, instead pulling him up. After this, they go on to defeat the gang and take control of the entire Satellite.

Later, Kalin forces a kid to duel him, and assaults him afterwards. The rest of the gang reslise he is allowing the power to go to his head. Crow and Jack leave the gang, but Yusei remains by his side. Sector Security then arrive in Satellite, armed with Duel Runners. Kalin goes against them, and Yusei finally leaves the gang, believing the fight will not take place if Kalin is alone. However, the fight goes ahead, and Kalin is forced into going on the run.

The group help Kalin, and they face Security in what they believe to be the Enforcers last duel. Yusei and Kalin get into a fight when Yusei discovers that Kalin has murdered an officer from Security. Crow and jack hold Kalin in a room, while Yusei tells them that he is the leaser, hoping that Kalin won't be arrested. However, this doesn't work, as Securities quickly find and arrest Kalin. As he is placed in a Security wagon, an officer pats Yusei on the shoulder and tells him he did the right thing. Kalin sees and believes Yusei sold him out, and is taken away before Yusei can explain himself.

[edit] Life in Satellite

Yusei later befriended Blitz, Nervin, Rally and Tank, remaining friends with Jack. During this time he also develops some impressive skills, including but not limited to hand-to-hand combat, engineering, computer skills and engineering. He also gains possession of his signature card, Stardust Dragon.

Yusei then duels his friend Jack and loses, and Jack tells him he cannot win with Monsters, Spells and Traps alone, only with them working in unison. Jack then points to his own heart, a reference to the Heart of the Cards, saying everything he needs to win is right here, and at the time Yusei does not know what he means.

Later, Yusei manages to get a television signal in the gang's hideout, and the group watch some turbo duels, inspiring them to build a Duel Runner. He and Jack fall out as Jack starts to want more and more power.

Yusei Builds his first Duel Runner

Jack then steals the Duel Runner and Yusei's Stardust Dragon from him and escapes to the mainland along the Pipeline to become the "Turbo Duel King". Yusei considers these items taken from him as "bonds of friendship" between him and the group, and vows to get them back.

Two years later, having built a brand new Duel Runner, with the assistance of Rally, Nervin, Blitz and Tank, Yusei plots to follow the same route and get into New Domino City to recover his beloved Stardust Dragon. in the process, he meets Trudge, a Public Order Security Officer, who wants to arrest Rally for stealing a Acceleration Chip from a production chip (in the English version, this is translated as Rally being framed for the theft). Trudge agrees to duel Yusei on the condition that if he wins, he can arrest Yusei, and if he loses, he must forget everything that happened that day. After accepting the challenge and losing, Trudge swears to crush Yusei.

While the only connection to New Domino City from Satellite is the Pipeline, it is usually filled with waste so cannot be used. However, at midnight once a month, it is emptied for maintenance. Yusei took advantage of this window and races along the trackway, pursued by Trudge, who he manages to beat in a duel one second before the hatch closes. He then dodges the rubbish and gets through the hatch, while Trudge is trapped in the Pipeline.

[edit] Arrest and the Facility

Jack meets Yusei beneath a freeway bridge, and tosses Stardust Dragon back to him, telling Yusei he can keep it, which Yusei refuses it, saying he wants to prove himself and win it back. Jack agrees, but their duel is interrupted by the appearance of the Crimson Dragon, right before the winner is decided, causing Jack's permanent dragon birthmark (Mark of the Dragon) to glow and burn as well as revealing Yusei's mark, the Dragon's Tail. Yusei is arrested afterwards for trespassing, and Jack leaves safely. Rex Goodwin and Lazar, who had been watching the duel, determined that if it had not been interrupted, Yusei would have won.

After his arrest, Yusei was given his jagged Criminal Mark, signifying his criminal record and was sent to the facility, where he meets Tenzen Yanagi. Yanagi tells Yusei the lore of the Crimson Dragon and the Signers, telling him that those with the marks have been chosen by the People of the Stars. Yusei's is the Crimson Dragon's tail, which appears on his arm whenever he fights alongside his signature card, Stardust Dragon or whenever he meets someone else who has been chosen as a Signer.

Yusei meets someone else whilst in the Facility, former professional duelist Bolt Tanner, who demands a duel. Since Yusei has had his cards confiscated, Yanagi steps in a duels for him, and loses. Bolt then stamps on Yanagi's card, an insult as they hold great sentimental importance to Yanagi. Yusei knocks Tanner down and demands a duel using Yanagi's cards. Yusei goes on to win the duel without declaring a single attack. Tanner then offers Yusei his assistance.

Under the orders of Goodwin, the Facility's warden Armstrong is to carry out tests on Yusei, so he is separated from his friends and moved to another part of the Facility.

Yusei's new cellmate Alex offers to help Yusei escape through a tunnel that he has built, but Yusei says he will only go if he can take Tanner and Yanagi. However, they are being beaten for associating with him, under the orders of Armstrong. Yusei challenges Armstrong, and he responds by imposing harsher rules. Goodwin then appears and makes Yusei a curious offer. He says Yusei can go free from the Facility is he defeats Armstrong in a duel, and then he must come to work for Goodwin. Yusei, although suspicious of his intentions, agrees. Yusei refuses to escape with Alex, as it means leaving his new friends Tanner and Yanagi behind, and the escape will mean they will be fugitives. As Yusei has had his deck confiscated, the other inmates give him cards to face Armstrong.

The next day, he and Armstrong face off in the arena, Yusei using a deck of random cards. The Arena is rigged to shock duelists if they take damage, but Armstrong rigs the duel so he won't take any damage, and cheats, using surveillance cameras to look at Yusei's hand. Alex uses his tunnel to sneak into a security room beneath the arena and turns the shocks back on, meaning Armstrong can feel them too. Yusei defeats Armstrong and Goodwin releases him. Before he leaves, Yusei says goodbye to his friends. Yanagi gives Yusei his Totem Pole card, and Tanner presents him with Giant Ushi Oni, telling him to go to Bootleg and order a glass of milk before asking for a man called Blister. The card is to act as proof of him meeting Tanner.

Yusei says goodbye to his new friends

As Yusei heads to Bootleg, some of Goodwin's men tail him. He is pulled onto a Duel Runner by Blister, who blocks the signal from his Criminal Mark to prevent them from being followed further. And despite believing that wanting his deck and duel runner back to be suicide on Yusei's part, he helps him break into the warehouse where they are held, posing as an electrician named Yusei Adams (Taro Daimon in the Japanese anime). When he gets into the crate where his belongings are held, he is ambushed by officer Trudge. He uses his Duel Runner to break out of the crate, and Trudge forces him into another Turbo Duel. Trudge puts the warehouse into lockdown, meaning it would be impossible for Yusei to escape, if it weren't for Blister smashing open the elevator doors on the ground level. He escapes while Trudge is trapped, but not for long. He returns and physically attacks Yusei. Blister soon arrives and saves him, but Yusei is electrocuted by a large crowd of Security, and is left, unconscious outside the Tops, a rich area of New Domino. Luna senses Yusei's pain and runs out with her brother Leo, finding Yusei unconscious in the street.

[edit] Fortune Cup

Leo and Luna give Yusei a home. In the Japanese version, he fears endangering them, but they manage to persuade him to stay with a duel. In the English version, after being electrocuted, Yusei has lost his memory and they duel to try and return it to him. In the Japanese version, Leo strongly reminds Yusei of Rally.

Yusei is forced into taking part in the Fortune Cup by Lazar, who has taken his friends from Satellite hostage, and unless he joins, they will get hurt. He receives even more of an incentive when Jack returns Stardust Dragon to him, and demands that they face each other in the finals. In the quarter-finals, Yusei faces Hunter Pace, who has mugged Shira and, dressed up in his costume, taken his place in the Turbo duel. He wins, and goes on to face Grieger in the semi-finals.

After Yusei defeats Grieger, Grieger attempts to get revenge on Goodwin for destroying his village, but Yusei manages to save Goodwin. Before Security take Grieger away, he tells Yusei that he has to follow his own mission.

Yusei goes on to face Akiza Izinski in the finals, and she surprises him. He had previously believed that she only felt anger and rejection, but over the course of the duel, he discovers she has a great love for destruction and takes pleasure in it. He points this out and she responds, telling him it cannot be true, but after she is insulted again by the people, she accepts as a part of who she is: the Black Rose. In her own words, this is the part of her that revels in destruction, because of the power granted by her Mark of The Dragon. He learns from her that after she was found by Sayer, he told her to just feel, and let him do all the thinking. But she still just puts on her mask to feel, so Yusei makes the choice to fight his duel to change her.

By the end of the duel, Yusei tells Akiza that all the pain she feels is as a result of the destruction she waged was also felt by the other Signers. Yusei says she should look at her birthmark as an answer to her pain, but in order for her to find out if it is, she must learn to love herself and think for herself. Akiza denies this, but Yusei has seen through her, and points out something she has not noticed: she is crying. he wins the duel, cutting Akiza's mask in half with Cosmic Blast, and after she falls, she begs Yusei to help her.

Yusei finally faces Jack in a tumultuous duel, using various combinations with his Stardust Dragon against Jack's Red Dragon Archfiend. He defeats him, and becomes the new King of Turbo Duelists. He is not concerned with his victory, as he is worried about the vision of the Spider Nazca symbol he sees with Jack during the duel.

[edit] Dark Signers

After defeating Jack, Yusei escapes the stadium with Tanner, Yanagi and the twins Luna and Leo in order to avoid being mobbed by reporters and fans. The group then hid out at Blister's place on the edge of the city.

Yusei then spots a person he believes to be a Signer, after sighting a glowing mark on the man. He chases him to a construction site, where the pair duel after Yusei is forced into a Shadow Duel. After Yusei beats him, the man says that he is a Shadow Drone and hat his purpose is to destroy the Signers. His memory is then wiped clean, his deck changes and he remembers his name is Grady as his mark disappears. Yusei is then forced to flee as Security come to see the damage caused by their battle. Yusei escapes, but is soon found by Trudge, who takes Yusei to Goodwin.

Yusei is then taken to the incomplete bridge that was intended to link Satellite to New Domino, and here he tells Yusei about the battle between the Crimson Dragon and the Earthbound Immortals, where the Signer Dragons sealed the Earthbound immortals in the renowned Nazca Lines. Goodwin then goes on to say that the two groups' servants, the Signers and the Dark Signers, have been locked in a bloody battle for 5,000 years. The outcome of this battle is said to determine the fate of the earth itself. The original Ener-D reactor in Satellite is a door to the Netherworld itself, and the Dark Signers plan on opening it to release the ancient evil into the world. Yusei then understands why Goodwin has isolated Satellite from the rest of the city: to prevent a greater loss of life. Yusei demands that they evacuate Satellite immediately, but Goodwin says they cannot, as it would allow the Dark Signers to attack the city directly to ensure a greater number of casualties inflicted in the great battle to come. Goodwin then arranges a helicopter to drop Yusei and his duel runner into the centre of Satellite.

After arriving in Satellite, Yusei is reunited with his friend Crow. The pair then head to Yusei's Satellite hide out, where they meet up with Rally and the others. However, Crow has been followed by Security and they are forced to split up to escape. Crow takes on the security and Yusei arrives to help, and they engage in a Tag Turbo Duel.

After winning the duel, the group meet again at the Daedalus Bridge, where Yusei tells his friends of the disastrous vision he witnessed, and what he has been told by Goodwin. He then listens along with the others to the story about the man who built the Bridge.

During the night he and crow head to the B.A.D., where the original Ener-D reactor is. On their way, they are intercepted by Kalin Kessler, who is revealed to be a Dark Signer. Kalin shows a terrible hatred for Yusei and Crow, who he was once great friends with then forces Yusei into a Shadow Duel. Kalin gains the upper hand with the card Hundred-Eyes Dragon. Yusei makes a comeback with his Stardust Dragon, but Kalin then retaliates by summoning the card Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu. Before Yusei is defeated, his Duel Runner breaks down and the duel is cancelled. Yusei is later found impaled through the abdomen with a massive shard.

Crow hurries Yusei to Martha's refuge facility, where the required surgery is performed. Dr. Schmitt, with Martha's assitance is able to save Yusei's life. When he awakens, he sees that Rally and the others have brought his Duel Runner to him, all the way from the B.A.D.. Martha scolds Yusei for endangering his own life without trusting his friends. She reminds him of his idea of believing in others, as they are always there to support him. After their talk, Yusei checks his Duel Runner and reflects on is duel with Kalin, believing he cannot defeat him.

Later on, Akiza Izinski falls unconscious and her parents worry about her so Jack tells them at only Yusei could help her. Akiza's father goes to Satellite and begs for Yusei's help. Yusei accepts the request and they go back to the hospital Akiza is in. Yusei's and Akiza's birthmarks react to each other causing Akiza to wake up so the two then duel until Yusei convinces her that she has been accepted in the world all along. Yusei wins this duel as Akiza hugs her father in understanding of Yusei's words.

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