Yugioh Virtual Desktop

Developer Xerocreative
Publisher Xerocreative
Platform PC
Release Date(s) January 21 2005 (8.6)
Genre Turn-Based Strategy
Rating Not Rated

[edit] Info

Yugioh Virtual Desktop, or YVD, is a YuGiOh card game simulator, with access to all the cards, it allows people to duel over the internet. Users can save an unlimited amount of decks. The game is not automated, and all moves and actions must be performed by the duelists, sending monsters to the graveyard, reviving them, and attacking other monsters. The game is based on an honor system as the game has no limits on how many times a user attacks, draws, activates a trap, or summons a monster in one turn.

[edit] How to play

YVD is a simulator similar to Shoddy Battle or Net Battle for the pokemon series of games. Decks are made in a deck building window, and battles are conducted by selecting the moves corresponding to the current situation, in your draw phase, you would select the Gameplay Tab -> Deck Gameplay -> Draw, or Ctrl + D as a hot key, to discard a particular monster to the graveyard, you would right click the monster, and select that particular action, however, you can not send your opponents cards to the graveyard this way. To conduct an attack, right click on your monster, and select attack, then choose the monster you wish to attack.

[edit] Downloading YVD

Program http://www.xerocreative.com/downloads/YVD086.exe
Cards http://www.xerocreative.com/sets/yvd_sets.php?version=9.0&mode=ocg&filename=ocg_yvd.set
Card Images

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