Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction

Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction
Box Art

North American Box Art

Developer KCEJ
Publisher Konami
Platform Gameboy Advance
Release Date(s) June 29, 04
Genre Turn-Based Strategy
Rating (E) Everyone


[edit] Background

You start of in the town of Domino. In what seems like a normal day, you go outside to be informed by Yugi, his Millennium Puzzle has disappeared! What's more is that all of the Millennium Items have vanished as well! Could it get any worse? The Egyptian God Cards have been drained of their energy and transformed into stone! You're informed that a dark being called Reshef is being resurrected, causing these odd occurrences. Immerse yourself in a wonderful story incorporating many of the anime's duelists and go on a quest to save the world from this monster named Reshef.

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Gameplay

The gameplay, though similar, is very different from the trading card game and other Yu-Gi-Oh! games. The core remains the same, use your monsters, magic, and trap cards to reduce your opponent's life points to zero!

[edit] Monster Cards

When you play a Monster Card from your hand, instead of putting it in a certain position, it is always played in "face-down attack position." When examining the monster with the A button, you have the option to attack or defend. If you choose attack or do nothing your monster will flip over to face-up attack position at the end of the turn. If you choose to defend, your monster will be switched into face-down position and remain face-down at the end of the turn.

[edit] Spell Cards

Whenever you play a spell card from your hand, it is always played face-down in the spell and trap card zone. Examining it with the A button will activate it. They may be activated during the same turn they are set.

[edit] Spell vs Magic

It should be noted that in the game, all of the cards are magic cards, not spell cards. However, since the Spell Ruler booster pack's release they have been referred to as spell cards due to legal reasons involving Magic The Gathering.

[edit] Trap Cards

Trap cards are played face down in the magic and trap card zone. Trap cards are activated automatically when they can be. For example, Eatgaboon, will activate automatically when your opponent attacks with a monster that has 1000 or less attack points; the game does not prompt you asking if you want to activate it.

[edit] Controls

[edit] Outside of Duels

  • Directional Buttons - Move the player
  • B Button - Exit a menu
  • A Button - Examine things; talk to people
  • R Button - Challenge a person to a duel
  • L, Start, and Select Buttons - Access the menu where you can edit your deck, view cards, and see your status

[edit] During a Duel

  • Directional Buttons - Move the cursor
  • B Button - Examine cards; see field status; end turn
  • A Button - Play a card from your hand; activate a card; activate a monster's effect; change a monster's position; attack with a monster
  • L Button (Hold) - See the current field's attack and defense at once. You can view your hand as well if your cursor is in your hand
  • R Button - View your opponent's field and how many cards are in their hand. Press R or B to go back
  • Start and Select Buttons - These buttons perform no action

[edit] Features

  • Duel many of the anime's protagonists and even some of the minor characters!
  • Many cards to collect, including all three Egyptian God Cards and many more!
  • A unique deck-limiting system, that prevents you from using super powerful cards at the first of the game. As you progress, your deck will grow stronger, though.
  • An ante system that allows you to wager a card in your duels! The rarer the card you offer, the rarer card you'll be rewarded with after the duel!
  • Extremely challenging duels! Although the computer may not be the best duelist you'll face, you might find yourself overwhelmed quickly!
  • Duel and trade cards with your friends with a game link cable!
  • And one of the most important things: a fun game.

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