Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus

Over the Nexus Cover
OTN Cover.jpg
English Release Date: May 10, 2011


[edit] Cover Art

The cover or boxart feartures Yusei Fudo and Shooting Star Dragon in a Turbo Duel. The light in Yusei's Accel Synchro Summon appears in the background as well.

[edit] Main Menu

The Main Menu features eight options. The first is Story Mode, the second is Free Duel, the third is the Communications Menu, the fourth is User Settings, the fifth is the Duelist Menu, the sixth is Records, the seventh is the Tutorial, and the last is the Duel Calculator.

[edit] Story Mode

In Story Mode, the player may experience duels against familiar and unfamiliar opponents. Most of the options in the Main Menu are attained via receiving new things in Story Mode.

[edit] Free Duel

In Free Duel, the player can duel in a CPU Duel, CPU Turbo Duel, CPU Tag Duel, CPU Tag Turbo Duel, or Recipe Duel. Also, the player can change Duel Settings.

[edit] Communications Menu

Here, the player can access DS Wireless Communications, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Check Friend Information, View/Enter Friend Codes, or Result of Prelims (this is available if the player has participated in tournament hosted over Wi-Fi).

[edit] User Settings

Here, the player can change their image (clothes and Duel Disks are obtained in Story Mode. Only after defeating Torunka in Story Mode can the player change his/her face.), customize their Duel Runner (Duel Runners and parts are also obtained in Story Mode), change their Tag Settings, Edit Fixed Text (dialogue said in battle), Manage Saved Games, or look at Items collected in Story Mode.

[edit] Duelist Menu

In the Duelist Menu, the player can access both their Regular and Turbo deck. The player can also buy cards, check all the cards he/she has, get more cards via a password, make their own Duel Puzzles (only cards in the player's possession can be used), or look at the Forbidden/Limited Card List the player is using.

[edit] Records

In the Records, the player can access records he/she has attained via Story Mode or in Free Duel. Duel Statistics in its first section change depending on the deck the player is using. The Play History keeps track of changes made in the game, the Duel and Race record, of course, contain records in those areas, and the View Replays section contains duels that the player wants to re-watch.

[edit] Tutorial

Here, the player can have their deck analyzed based on the game's opinion. Also, Dark Magician Girl will take the player through the rulings of the game in case the player is just starting out.

[edit] Duel Calculator

Here, the player can use the Duel Calculator. It's a regular calculator, but, it can also keep track of scoring, timing, do virtual coin-flips, or roll a virtual die.

[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Chapter 1 ~ The Beginning~ The Frontier Lands, Crash Town

First, a glimpse of Crash Town is shown and the two competing sides' leaders, Malcolm and Radley, walk to the center of town. The scene then changes over to the Highway with three duelists standing on the side. They then begin to ride their Duel Runners. Elsewhere, a Turbo Duel involving a Sector Security grunt takes place. The view changes to the Fortune Cup Stadium where two other duelists begin their Turbo Duel. The vista changes to three characters who walk out on a platform to observe the pleasant Turbo Dueling of others. Suddenly, Negative Energy erupts destroying Neo Domino City. The screen flashes to the area in which the three characters from earlier sit and discuss.

???: Perhaps that fate cannot be avoided. In the history that man creates, can we not escape destruction?

???: That's why the three of us came back here, is it not?

???: We still have time. Let's just stay relaxed and focus. Bwahahahahaha! The scene then changes back to the Fortune Cup Stadium and displays a Turbo Duelist, the player.

MC: The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived! Who could have predicted things would turn out the way they have?! Was this fate? Was this destiny? Was it nothing more than pure chance?! No! This is the product of hard work and never giving up! From Crash Town, s/he (depends on gender selected) has fought his/her way up the ranks showing unbelievable courage and spirit! And his/her name is... The screen fades to black and a voice then speaks.

???: ... ...(Insert name of player)... ...(Insert name of player)..! ... ... ...(Insert name of player)!!! Are you not EVER gonna wake up or what?!

Klaus: FINALLY! I thought you were actually dead there for a minute! What's wrong with you today? It's me, Klaus? I bet you were probably dreaming about being a hotshot Turbo Duelist again, weren't ya? I know you've been saying you want to be a turbo duelist in the City, but that's nothing but a fantasy. Anyway, I'm going to work. I've gotta go dig up Dyne from the mine. Dyne is necessary to make Duel Runners run, and excavating it is how we make our living here. Anyway, I'll be back later. *Begins walking out then stops* Oh yeah, I almost forgot. You deck is on top of the table. A real duelist will always keep his deck by his side, no matter what. *Walks out*

After the player receives their deck, the player walks outside to see West run up.

West: Oh, (Player name)! Good Mornin'! I was just coming to get you.

Nico walks up next to her little brother.

Nico: Good morning, (Player name).

West: Come on, Nico, quit being so slow and lazy!

Nico: I can't help it. You're too fast! You're gonna fall down and hurt yourself someday, you know.

West: Heh, I'm not a little kid, so I think I'll be okay. ...Oh yeah! Today's the day that card shop is finally going to open! I can't just stand around here and wait like this... I'm gonna go ahead and go back to our hideout! *Runs off*

Nico: Sigh... After I just told him it's dangerous to be running around like that... You should come with us! We'll be at our hideout in the mountain north of the crossroads. *Walks off*

The player is left outside their house. The player then takes a right and heads straight up to the crossroads and keeps proceeding north until the player is at a wooden cabin and enters it.

West: Ah, there you are! There's something I really wanna show you (player name). Check it out!

Nico: I'm sure you'll have a good time. But it'll take a little bit to get ready, so wait a few minutes!

West: Okay... How about we duel until everything's ready? Hey, do you remember the Crash Town Style rule to determine who goes first? I can teach you! First, 5 cards are dealt to each player face down. On the front of these cards are the commands corresponding to the A, B, X, Y, L, R Buttons and +Control Pad. Next, when the cards in front of you are turned over, enter those commands as fast as you can. Unless you input a correct command, you won't be able to proceed. You cannot use the stylus. Whoever inputs all their commands first will be able to go first in the duel.

Dueling West

West: Don't go easy on me! I can hold my own, ya know!

West's deck is purely based on random monsters that may be used for Synchro Summoning, defending, or attacking. Try Synchro Summoning monsters whenever possible. Beware of Turbo Booster. Sometimes, he may use Cyber Valley just to stall. Call of the Haunted can also be used to revive one of his monsters to defend against a weak monster's attack.

West: Awww, I lost... Something's not right... Here, I'm not gonna use this, so I guess you can have it! *Gives the player a card*

Nico: You're always in a hurry, West. That's why you lose! You should relax a little.

West: Oh, be quiet, Nico! Are you ready yet or what?!

Nico: I'm almost ready... I just can't find this one card...

West: What are you doing? Don't worry about it. I'll give you one of mine later! You go ahead and duel (player name)!

Nico: Fine, okay. (Player name) let's duel!

Dueling Nico

Nico: I'm not that good yet, but I want to see what I can do, so don't go easy on me!

Nico's deck is based on plant monsters to help Synchro Summon, defend, and attack. She may use cards like Hedge Guard and Miracle Fertilizer to help keep her monsters in the game. Beware of a Spore followed by a tributed monster with high attack points. Also, Plant Food Chain may be annoying when attacking. Again, try to Synchro Summon as much as possible. Have around two monsters with high attack points ready to be able to surely destroy a monster since you may come across some Naturia Beans or continuous spamming of Hedge Guard's effect. An advantage you may have is that Nico uses up her cards quickly.

Nico: Hm, I thought I would lose, Dueling is hard, but that's what makes it fun! Here, you can have this card. I'm not good enough to use it. *Hands the player a card*.

West: Oh, are you done with your duel? I'm all ready here, too!

Nico: Thanks, West. Let's have (Player name) take a look at it. What we wanted to show you is a duel puzzle that we came up with. We thought of 5 different puzzles, so you have to pick one. If you can get 3 questions right, we'll give you a prize!

West: I don't really remember what we came up with, so Nico will take care of that.

Duel Puzzle 1

Nico: This puzzle? Okay. Think hard and get it correct!

Activate Raigeki Break and discard Steelswarm Caucastag. Play Recurring Nightmare to add Steelswarm Sentinel and Steelswarm Caucastag to your hand. Normal Summon Steelswarm Sentinel then play Double Summon. Tribute Summon Steelswarm Caucastag and activate its "Destroy all monsters on the field, except this card." effect to destroy the 3 Marshmallons. Attack directly to win the game.

Nico: Oh, you got it right.

West: We still have 4 more left!

Duel Puzzle 2

Nico: This puzzle? Okay. Think hard and get it correct!

Activate the effect of Gishki Vanity. Activate Gishki Ceremonial Mirror and select Evigishki Soul Ogre to be summoned, by sacrificing Evigishki Mind Augus and another card, in attack mode.Activate the effect of your summoned Evigishki Soul Ogre and discard your remaining card to return Scrap Goblin to the deck. Attack directly to win the game.

Nico: You got it right again.

West: There's still more than half left, so I hope (player name) won't get any more answers correct!

Duel Puzzle 3

Nico: This puzzle? Okay. Think hard and get it correct!

Normal Summon Gusto Gulldo and activate Thunder Crash to destroy it, inflict 300 points of damage, and activate Gusto Gulldo's effect to Special Summon Gusto Skwirl. Activate Thunder Crash again to destroy Skwirl, inflict 300 points of damage, and activate Skwirl's effect to Special Summon Reeze, Whirlwind of Gusto in attack position. Activate Limit Reverse to revive Skwirl. Activate the effect of Reeze, Whirlwind of Gusto to return Gusto Egul to your deck and switch control of Skwirl and Archfiend Zombie-Skull. Attack with both of your monsters to win the game.

Nico: Nice work, (player name)! Here's the present we promised. *Gives the player a card*. If you like, you can make your own duel puzzles, too, (player name). You can edit a duel puzzle under Menu > Duelist Menu > Duel Puzzle.

Toru: Hey, let me in, too! *Walks into hideout as Nico and West become surprised*

West: Toru! You're the one who said you were too busy putting together your Duel Runner to play with us!

Toru: Oh yeah, sorry about that. I just gotta finish it so I can hurry up and get to the City.

West: Yeah, you better! You keep saying you're gonna be the top turbo duelist in the world!

Nico: But since you're here, does that mean you finished your Duel Runner?

Toru: Of course... I haven't! I just stopped by to pick up a tool that I need.

West: Whaaat? I really wanna hurry up and see your Duel Runner! *A noise surprises West* Ah! The card shop is open! I don't have time to be sitting around here talking to you, Toru! *Runs off*

Toru: Hey, don't say that! Wait... Today is when the card shop opens? I completely forgot. I guess I'll go check it out sometime later. Oh yeah, the tool that I needed. *Retrieves what he needs* I hate to forget the one thing I came for. Anyway, I'll see you guys later. *Walks out*

Nico: Why don't you go check out the card shop too, (player name)? It's right there at the crossroads.

The player then heads south to meet up with West.

West: Oh, (player)! I think I got pretty good cards in this deck! Oh yeah, a little later, this shop is going to hold a Rental Deck Duel Tournament! A rental deck is just a deck that's already been made, so you can try all kinds of different decks! They're different from the regular structured decks at the shop because they are all original! But the lady at the shop said one of the competitors hasn't shown up yet. (Player), why don't you enter the tournament in his place? Nico and I already signed up! I can't wait to go up against you in a Rental Deck Duel, (Player)! *Runs off north*

The player then heads into the card shop and speaks with the lady.

Iranami: ...Hey, you there! Are you interested in a Rental Deck Duel? I know you are! You know about the Rental Deck Duel Tournament we're about to start, right? Of course you do! Actually, one of our participants hasn't shown up yet, so we were wondering if you'd join instead! ...You will? Thank you so much! Now we can start the tournament! Just tell us your name, please. ...(Player). Got it! All right, just come talk to me when you're ready to start.

The player then begins the tournament.

Iranami: All right, the tournament is about to begin. Everyone meet up at the crossroads. Thank you all for waiting! Let the Rental Deck Duel Tournament begin! This is a round-robin tournament between our four competitors. The winner will receive a prize! Let's begin! The first match-up is...

(Player) VS West *The opponents walk to the center*

West: I can't believe I have to go up against you first, (Player)!

Iranami: West, is a youngster from Crash Town, but he can duel with the best of them! Let's see what he's got! He's up against (Player), who entered at the very last minute! This should be a good match! Pick your deck and let's duel! Just remember, you have to turn those decks back in when you're done!

(It depends on the player's preference when it comes to what deck he/she decides to use. So, there is really no tips on this part.)

West: I lost! Maybe the deck was using wasn't up to it...

Iranami: The first match was won by (Player)!

Well then, shall we move on to the next round? Shall we?! Good luck in the second match!

Okay, and now for our next duel!

(Player) VS Nico

Nico: Go easy on me, okay?

Iranami: West's older sister, Nico! Normally she's a kind, loving sister, but I wonder about when she duels! And our surprise competitor, (Player)! Let's see how the mystery unfolds! Let's hope they put on a show for us! Pick a deck a let's duel!

(The two duel)

Nico: You beat me, (Player). Good luck on your next duel!

Iranami: And it's a win for (Player)!

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