The Yata-Lock is a famous Lockdown strategy that caused the creation of the Banlist

The infamous lockdown is started with these cards:

Sangan/Witch of the Black Forest must be in the field, preferably by Special Summon, but the card Double Summon can be used as well.

Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End (Also known as CED) is then special summoned, and activates its effect.

When Sangan/Witch of the Black Forest is sent to the graveyard by CED's effect, their effect activates as well. Using that effect, add Yata-Garasu to your hand.

Special Summon Yata-Garasu, and attack directly.

Due to Yata-Garasu's effect, the opponent cannot draw. Also, due to CED's effect, the opponent's Hand and Field are empty.

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