User:The Masterman

My Yugioh story started more than 8 years ago. Since then I have about 11 tins full of cards. I duel quite a bit at my school. We even have a club every Monday and Friday to do it. My current Dragon Deck I've had for six months or so and have yet to be beaten. I also have an Egyption God Deck, Elemental Hero Deck, Machine Deck, and am working on my Crystal Beast Deck.

Game wise I have 2010 Reverse of Arcadia I think it is. I also have Falsebound Kingdom for the Gamecube and another one called Duelist Soul I think for the Gameboy. I've been working on the Tales wiki quite a bit lately. I also work slightly on Dragonball, Mafia, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Fable, and Halo wikis. I haven't done too much for anything but Tales but I'm going to continue working my way up.