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I am one of the contributors of this Neowiki and I constantly research into game techs to improve my gaming skill.

I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh! when the first set Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon was released in my country. I never played seriously and I sucked at it quite frankly. I stopped playing when I left Primary School and picked it up a few years after leaving High School. At the time of my restart I found myself in a new world, the world of Synchro monsters and the introduction of Xyz Monsters wasn't far away.

I recently participated in my first "bigger" tournaments though I never participated in an YCS. due to my constant love of reptiles, amphibians, bugs and fish I love making decks around them, hence my love for dragon decks like Chaos Dragon and Disaster Dragon though I'm no good at using them. My current main deck is Dark World but I also love to use my other decks.

Currently I'm one of the Wiki Leaders of this Wiki!

My Current Decks

and various others.