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2012 Collector's Tins to Black Luster Ritual
Black Luster Soldier to Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
Chimeratech Overdragon to DR3-EN056
DR3-EN125 to EXVC-EN050
EXVC-EN051 to GENF-EN002
GENF-EN003 to HA04-EN057
HA04-EN059 to LOB-EN055
LOB-EN058 to Mystical Elf
Mystical Shine Ball to PRC1-EN018
PRC1-EN019 to Rise of Destiny
Rise of the Snake Deity to SDZW-EN033
SDZW-EN034 to Summon
Summoner Monk to V Jump Edition 4
V Jump Edition 5 to Zure, Knight of Dark World