An Archetype of EARTH Attribute monsters, Scrap monsters made its technical debut in Structure Deck: Machina Mayhem with Scrap Recycler. However, support for the deck as an Archetype did not appear until Duelist Revolution, where the key cards for the Archetype as a Deck surfaced. Despite their mechanical appearance and name, none of the Scrap monsters are not Machine-Type, with the exception of Scrap Recycler. The Archetype's name can be referenced through the ability to recycle additional cards through their destruction, as most Scrap monsters have effects which trigger upon their destruction by the effects of "Scrap" cards. This causes effects that would otherwise be one-for-one (Scrap Dragon) or -1s (Scrapstorm) to be plusses or one-for-ones.

Setting up this game state, and further improving the consistency of the Deck, Scrap monsters have a few support Spell Card and Trap cards that allow for improved consistency, including Scrapstorm and Scrapyard. However, the archetype appears to be abandoned, as no further support has been released in the form of new members. Nonetheless, the support given to the deck has made it a somewhat solid deck, albeit reliant on other tech cards as the Scrap Core is small.


[edit] Core

Scrap Chimera

This card cannot be used as a Synchro Material Monster, except for the Synchro Summon of a "Scrap" monster and all the other Synchro Material Monsters must also be "Scrap" monsters. When this card is Normal Summoned, you can select 1 "Scrap" Tuner monster in your Graveyard and Special Summon it.

Scrap Chimera allows for the revival of any Scrap Tuner with no consequences, making it an effective one-card tuner. As such, it is the key card in Scrap Control, as it will be the card that summons Scrap Dragon a majority of the time. It can also be used for Xyz Summons, which will generally be Steelswarm Roach to further establish control. In Scrap Stun, Chimera plays a slightly less important role, but is still required to be ran in 3s, as it is a key beater in the deck, as well as allowing for "Outs" to certain situations.

Scrap Beast

If this face-up Defense Position card is selected as an attack target, destroy this card at the end of the Battle Phase. If this card is destroyed by the effect of a "Scrap" card and sent to the Graveyard, you can select 1 "Scrap" monster in your Graveyard, except "Scrap Beast" and add it to your hand.

The main tuner in the deck, Scrap Beast also plays an important role due to its recycling effect, which combos with Scrapstorm and Scrap Dragon. In Scrap Stun, it is used as the primary beater, capable of forcing your opponent to waste removal cards on it, while giving you plusses if Scrapstorm is chained.


Select 1 face-up "Scrap" monster you control. Send 1 "Scrap" monster from your Deck to the Graveyard, then draw 1 card. Then, destroy the selected monster.

Scrapstorm sets up the deck. When used on Scrap Beast, the monster sent through the effect of Scrapstorm is added to the player's hand, while also conveniently avoiding Thunder King Rai-Oh. When chained to removal cards, it also turns into a +1, as the opponent will have wasted a card on either Scrap Beast or Scrapstorm. Because of this. it is used often to avoid Bottomless Trap Hole.


Add 1 "Scrap" Tuner Monster from your Deck to your hand.

As a majority of Scrap monsters are tuners, this card usually has a large array of targets. However, it is often discarded or ran in small copies in Scrap Stun, as the only tuner usually used in that deck is Scrap Beast

Scrap Dragon

1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters Once per turn, you can select 1 card you control and 1 card your opponent controls. Destroy them. When this card is destroyed by your opponent's card (either by battle or by card effect) and sent to the Graveyard, select 1 non-Synchro "Scrap" monster in your Graveyard and Special Summon it.

The boss monster of the deck, Scrap Dragon is extremely easily summoned through the effect of Scrap Chimera, and allows for the player to reign control over the game. Its role varies between build to build, but the generally consensus is that Scrap Dragon should be, and is, the boss monster in the deck.

[edit] Scrap Control/Meklord Scrap

Generally considered the "pure build" of the deck, Scrap Control or Meklord Scraps revolves around the summon of its Boss monster, Scrap Dragon, who then controls the game through its destruction.

The most common play to summon the boss monster is to use Scrap Chimera to bring back Scrap Beast, and synchro for Scrap Dragon. However, this requires set-up, which is usually achieved by a combination of Scrapstorm and Scrap Beast, as Scrapstorm triggers Scrap Beast's effect, allowing the player to effectively add any Scrap monster from the deck to their hand. Prior to the semi-limiting of Reborn Tengu, an additional commonly used play was to use Scrap Beast and Reborn Tengu in a Synchro summon, making Scrap Dragon and using its effect on a second copy of Tengu. Unfortunately, Reborn Tengu has been discarded by most builds due to its unreliability while semi-limited.

The win condition of this deck is to constantly use one-for-one exchanges with Scrap Dragon, whose effect in combination with Scrap Beast allow for it to plus instead, to eventually drop the opponent's amount of cards down to a low number, while a Scrap Dragon is constantly pressuring them.

[edit] Common Tech

Reborn Tengu

When this card is removed from the field, Special Summon 1 "Reborn Tengu" from your Deck.

The bane of the Plant Synchro format, Reborn Tengu also grants this deck additional explosive power, as it can be used in conjunction with Scrap Beast to summon Scrap Dragon, who can then use the additional Reborn Tengu as a target for its effect. Unfortunately, it has been semi-limited by the March 2012 banlist, causing its effectiveness to be lost.

Gravekeeper's Spy

FLIP: Special Summon 1 "Gravekeeper's" monster with 1500 or less ATK from your Deck.

The original engine used by the deck, Gravekeeper's Spy performs the same role as Reborn Tengu had in maintaining card advantage. However, being required to be set and having a slower effect made it less usable. Nonetheless, following the semi-limiting of Reborn Tengu, Gravekeeper's Spy is a viable option for the deck.


When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard: Add 1 monster with 1500 or less ATK from your Deck to your hand.

Summoner Monk

This card cannot be Tributed. When this card is Normal or Flip Summoned: Change this card to Defense Position. Once per turn: You can discard 1 Spell Card; Special Summon 1 Level 4 monster from your Deck. It cannot attack this turn.

Another option as a replacement engine for the Reborn Tengu engine. However, it is a -1 despite the possibility of a fast, one-turn Scrap Dragon. Sangan only has Summoner Monk and Effect Veiler as possible targets for the deck, and so, should only be used if the Summoner Monk engine is used.

Cyber Dragon

If your opponent controls a monster and you control no monsters, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand).

Photon Thrasher

Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) while you control no monsters. If you control another monster, this card cannot attack.

More options for the rapid summon of Scrap Dragon, using Cyber Dragon also gives the possibility of summoning Scrap Twin Dragon in the deck.

Scrap Orthros

This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set.This card can only be Special Summoned by controlling a face-up "Scrap" monster. When Special Summoned this way, select 1 face-up "Scrap" monster you control, and destroy it. If this card is destroyed by the effect of a "Scrap" card and sent to the Graveyard, you can select 1 "Scrap" monster in your Graveyard, except "Scrap Orthros", and add it to your hand.

Although it may appear useless at first, Scrap Orthros should never stay on the field. When it is special summoned, it should target and destroy itself, causing it to add a card from the grave to the player's hand. The primary target of this effect is usually Scrap Chimera, causing Scrap Orthros to effectively be a Monster Reincarnation that doesn't -1.

Scrap Golem

Once per turn, you can select 1 Level 4 or lower "Scrap" monster in your Graveyard and Special Summon it to either player's side of the field.

Golem is often overlooked due to being a tribute monster, but can supply the player with a steady supply of monsters for Scrap Dragon, as well as being an easy way to summon Scrap Dragon or Scrap Twin Dragon.

Scrap Goblin

This card cannot be destroyed by battle. If this face-up Defense Position card is selected as an attack target, destroy this card at the end of the Battle Phase. If this card is destroyed by the effect of a "Scrap" card and sent to the Graveyard, you can select 1 "Scrap" monster in your Graveyard, except "Scrap Goblin" and add it to your hand.

As well as being a defensive wall, Scrap Goblin works as another tuner for the deck, either used with Scrap Chimera to make Scrap Archfiend, or with Scrap Golem or Cyber Dragon to make Scrap Dragon.

Meklord Emperor Granel

This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by its own effect. When a face-up monster you control is destroyed by a card effect and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. This card gains ATK and DEF equal to half of your Life Points. Once per turn, you can select 1 Synchro Monster your opponent controls and equip it to this card. This card gains ATK equal to those equipped monsters' combined ATK. During your Main Phase, you can select 1 of those equipped monsters, and Special Summon it to your side of the field in face-up Defense Position.

Meklord Emperor Wisel

Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Must be Special Summoned by its own effect, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. When a face-up monster you control is destroyed by a card effect and sent to the Graveyard: You can Special Summon this card (from your hand). Other monsters you control cannot declare an attack. Once per turn: You can target 1 Synchro Monster your opponent controls; equip that target to this card. This card gains ATK equal to those equipped monsters' combined ATK. Once per turn, when an opponent's Spell Card is activated: You can negate the activation and destroy it.

Both Meklords are possible maindeck boss monsters for the deck, easily summoned with the large amount of self destruction the deck employs. Each of the two Meklords have their pros and cons, with whichever to use up to the preference of the player.

Wisel has a solid 2500 Attack, allowing him to be useful at any point of the game. Additionally, instead of purely being just a Beater, Wisel has the effect of negating Spells, allowing him to contribute to controlling the opponent. Unfortunately, he has a highlander effect, but that shouldn't effect the player too much when there is a Scrap Dragon on the field, as Scrap Dragon can clear the monster zone for Wisel to attack directly.

Granel can potentially have 4000 attack points, but can also potentially have much lower. However, it functions purely as a beater, with none of the functionality Wisel has.

Royal Decree

Negate the effects of all other Trap Cards on the field.

Scrap Control is one of the only decks that can run other trap cards as well as Royal Decree without any issues at all. To the deck, Decree can be toggled on and off with Scrap Dragon using it for its destruction effect. However, many of the decks in the current Metagame use a minimal array of traps, so this card may not be as effective. Nonetheless, it may be a viable option if the metagame shifts to a more trap-heavy format.

Call of the Haunted

Target 1 monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target in face-up Attack Position. When this card leaves the field, destroy that target. When that target is destroyed, destroy this card.

Scraps can abuse the +1 that Call of the Haunted technically is, as the monster brought back can be used for Synchro or Xyz summons, leaving Call of the Haunted face-up on the field to be used as a target for Scrap Dragon's effect.

[edit] Decklists

[edit] Skeleton



Extra Deck

[edit] Benedikt Junk (Top 16 of YCS Milan)

Monsters: 18

Spells: 19

Traps: 3

Extra Deck: 15

Side Deck: 15

[edit] Scrap Stun

There is an additional build, Scrap Stun, which is slowly creeping up to being the more popular build, following the Semi-limiting of Reborn Tengu. Differing from the "pure build", Scrap Stun does not completely revolve around Scrap Dragon, using it only when necessary as an "Out" to threats that the rest of the deck can't handle. The rise of Scrap Stun has largely been attributed to it being more consistent than Scrap Control, as well as the lack of reliance on Scrap Dragon prevents it from being crippled when Scrap Dragon is unable to be summoned. Furthermore, the Beast Stun elements sustain it, as the deck otherwise has a few missing elements.

Scrap Stun focuses on controlling the opponent with a modest array of Traps, coupled by Horn of the Phantom Beast, which increases the ATK of Scrap Beast and Scrap Chimera to a modest size. This allows for pressuring of the opponent while Plussing off of Scrap Beast and Scrap Chimera. Like other stun decks, Scrap Stun heavily uses the Gadget Theory, focusing on controlling the opponent and simplifying the game to the point where the opponent is low on cards.

Compared to many other Stun Decks, Scrap Stun's array of traps may be slightly smaller, but is still of a considerable size, usually around 10 cards. This is due to the Scrap Monsters having enough size to stand on their own without support, as well as allowing the deck to be affected less by Heavy Storm.

A common mistake by new players using a Scrap Stun deck or any stun deck with explosive power is to attempt to play it like Scrap Control, getting out Scrap Dragon whenever possilbe and attempting to control with that. That isn't encouraged in this deck, as Scrap Dragon should only be summoned when the deck absolutely requires it, such as one of the following situations:

  • The situation requires for it
  • Pushing for game
  • It costs no resources Card Advantage-wise to summon it, the opponent has no traps, and the player has additional ways of summoning it still in the hand as an option

An additional reason to Synchro summon can be justified if the player uses Scapegoat, or has other ways of summoning the Naturia Synchros, which can be used to establish further pressure and/or control.

As all Stun decks are a form of Anti-Meta, players using this deck should have a detailed knowledge of the current Metagame to be able to react appropriately to specific match-ups which the deck may play up against. This includes having a small degree of prediction skills, as the player should be able to somewhat predict the direction and decks used in the next event the player participates in, as the deck often has a weak turn 1 matchup against Tier 1 decks.

[edit] Common Tech

King Tiger Wanghu

When a monster(s) with 1400 or less ATK is Normal Summoned or Special Summoned: Destroy those monsters with 1400 or less ATK. This card must be face-up on the field to activate and to resolve this effect.

A common element of many other stun decks, Wanghu and the rest of the Beast Stun engine integrates well with Scraps, due to Horn of the Phantom Beast being compatible with both engines.

Beast King Barbaros

You can Normal Summon or Set this card without Tributing, but its original ATK will become 1900. You can Tribute 3 monsters to Tribute Summon this card. If you do: Destroy all cards your opponent controls.

Although more commonly used in Stun decks which revolve around Skill Drain, Beast King Barbaros works with deck, primarily because of its plays with Horn of the Phantom Beast. It is also a solid turn 1 play to fool the opponent to play around a non-existent Skill Drain.

Spirit Reaper

This card cannot be destroyed by battle. Destroy this card when it is targeted by a Spell, Trap, Spell/Trap effect, or Effect Monster effect. When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent by a direct attack, your opponent randomly discards 1 card.

X-Saber Airbellum

When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent by a direct attack, discard 1 random card from your opponent's hand.

Both can serve similar functions, pressuring the opponent by slowly stripping away their hand. However, X-Saber Airbellum additionally combos with Horn of the Phantom Beast to stand alone as a beater, while Spirit Reaper can be set to protect the player in a clutch game.

Reborn Tengu

When this card is removed from the field, Special Summon 1 "Reborn Tengu" from your Deck.

Along with floating, Tengu has the added bonus of being a Beast-Warrior, and so, combos well with Horn of the Phantom Beast. It also allows for aggressive Scrap Dragon plays without losing any card advantage. In Scrap Stun, Reborn Tengu is generally used differently than it is used in Scrap Control, as Tengu is often used purely as a beater that costs the opponent copious amounts of resources to remove. However, it has fallen out of favor since the March 2012 Banlist, as its Semi-Limited status has crippled its effectiveness.

Thunder King Rai-Oh

Neither player can add cards from their Deck to their hand except by drawing them. During either player's turn, when your opponent would Special Summon a monster: You can send this face-up card to the Graveyard; negate the Special Summon, and if you do, destroy it.

A common staple in Stun decks, Thunder King Rai-Oh is a disruptive and solid Turn 1 play. Recently, unfortunately, there is a lot of debate on its effectiveness this format, with many players arguing that it isn't worth using in the main deck. Nonetheless, it is a great card to open with, as it forces the opponent to carefully play around.

Doomcaliber Knight

Cannot be Special Summoned. During either player's turn, when a monster effect is activated: Tribute this face-up card; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy that monster.

Along with Thunder King Rai-Oh, Doomcaliber knight is often used in Stun, with this deck being no exception. Although it may conflict with certain plays, it is a solid Turn 1 play.


Special Summon 4 "Sheep Tokens" (Beast-Type/EARTH/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0) in Defense Position. These Tokens cannot be Tributed for a Tribute Summon. You cannot Summon other monsters the turn you activate this card (but you can Set).

As well as possibly clogging the player's field, Scapegoat can give the player additional Synchro options, in the form of Naturia Beast, Naturia Barkion, or Naturia Landoise, who can further pressure the player.

[edit] Decklists

[edit] Skeleton




Extra Deck

[edit] Mauricio Emmanuel Martinez Martinez (19th Place of YCS Guadalajara)

Main Deck: 40

Monsters: 19

Spells: 12

Traps: 9

Side Deck: 15

Extra Deck: 15

[edit] Geargia Scraps

Following the announcement and unveiling of the Geargia archetype, several Scrap players have attempted to combine the two decks in an attempt to use the incredibly fast, plussing engine of Geargia monsters as a replacement for the Reborn Tengu, which was hit by the March 2012 banlist. This engine uses Geargiarmor to generate further plusses in a manner similar to the Gravekeeper's Spy engine. Through Geargiarmor's searching effect, multiple copies of Geargiaccelerator can be added, which can be used as Scrap Dragon ammo for further plusses through Geargiaccelerator's adding effect. However, the engine lacks the compaction and the greater field presence of the Reborn Tengu engine. Nonetheless, it is a possible solution to the missing engine in Scraps.

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