[edit] Introduction

The Photons are an Archetype whom completely exists out of Light Attribute monsters. All Photons have high attack points and focus on summon their spearhead: Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon. The Photons were introduced in Photon Shockwave and continue their support and the sets after that. Due to the Photons not being very effective yet in their strategy, they are barely used at big tournaments though some of the individual cards have become rising stars in other decks, for example Photon Thrasher in various Hero decks. The Photon Archetype is used by Kite Tenjo, Nistro and Dextra in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Anime series.

[edit] Game Play

The Photons are a group of strong monsters whom have reasonable effects at this point. Their main strategy remain to summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon as soon as possible which can be done easily with cards like Photon Sanctuary and Photon Veil. Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon is able to dodge various cards like Mirror Force and Dimensional Prison with his effects and can power-up himself if his effect is used on an Xyz Monster. Their ultimate spearhead monster is Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon though the deck itself has no way of summoning him yet with a pure Photon deck, the first possibility for this will be Photon Caesar.

The Photons are all light monsters and this means they can use light monster support like Honest and Gozen Match. Also various Skill Drain versions have been made using the Photon archetype since most of them don't have field effects but hand or grave effects and some benefit from having their field effect negated.

[edit] Members

The members of the Photon Archetype also contain those of the Galaxy Archetype as these are meant to work together.

[edit] Core

These are cards that should be put in the deck before techs.

2-3x Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

The boss monster of the deck. This card can be easily summoned by using Photon Sanctuary, and tributing the tokens and special summoning it. Galaxy-Eyes clogs your hand a lot, so you can be able to use cards like Trade-In to draw more cards and set up Galaxy Knight.

Galaxy-Eyes also has an interesting effect, you can banish it when it battles and banish it. This is a quick effect so it can bypass cards like Mirror Force,Dimensional Prison. Galaxy-Eyes also gets an attack boost when he returns to the field if the monster he attacked was a Xyz monster.

2-3x Galaxy Knight

Galaxy Knight allows the deck to make quick Rank 8 summons, and makes Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon much easier now. A cool way of summoning Galaxy Knight is: Special Summoning Photon Thrasher, Normal Summon Galaxy Knight, Special summon Galaxy-Eyes. Then you can continue what you want to do from there.

3x Photon Thrasher

Photon Thrasher can be used for quick Rank 4's, allowing Galaxy Knight to normal summon itself without tributing, and is highly recommended that you max out this card. Due to it not needing a monster on your opponent's field unlike Cyber Dragon, this card can be used as a turn one play. It's really great in the Skill Drain variant.

1-3x Photon Crusher

Crusher makes easy Rank 4's easy with Photon Thrasher. Though, he is mostly use more notably in the Skill Drain variant of the deck. His 2000 attack also makes him a monster to tribute for Galaxy-Eyes.

3x Galaxy Wizard

This card searches the Galaxy cards in the deck;Galaxy-Eyes,Galaxy Knight, and other cards that have Galaxy" in their name. Though, it takes up your normal summon it is good since it allows you to add any Galaxy card to your hand.

[edit] Staples

1x Monster Reborn

1x Dark Hole

1x Heavy Storm

2-3x Mystical Space Typhoon

[edit] Extra Deck

[edit] Tech

2-3x Trade-In

Trade-In allows the deck to set up Galaxy Knight plays, or to get rid of Galaxy Knight or Galaxy-Eyes that you don't need.

1-3x Photon Sanctuary

This card is great if your running the Stun build of the deck, which allows you to summon Galaxy-Eyes even faster, and get over many things that your opponent has.

0-3x Galaxy Expedition

Galaxy Expedition allows you to summon your Rank 8's much more easier, and is searchable by Galaxy Wizard.

2-3x Skill Drain

Skill Drain is amazing here since all your Level 4 monsters have high attack, but their effects restrict them attacking or switching their battle position. It also works really against other decks that revolve around monster effects like Wind-Up.

[edit] Skeleton

[edit] Side Deck

[edit] Weakness

Too many high level monsters can be a dead draw Decks that are much faster are problems for them.

[edit] Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series

Even though the Photons don't have enough support yet to make them a top deck, they are known to be present during recent YCS tournaments. Most notably the Skill Drain version of the deck.

Top 32

Top 16

Top 8

Top 4


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