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[edit] February 2011

[edit] OCG March 2011 Forbidden/Limited List

Forbidden: Goyo Guardian Cold Wave Mass Driver

Limited: Honest Dandylion Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow Book of Moon Gateway of the Six

Semi-Limited Card Trooper Archlord Kristya Spirit Reaper Debris Dragon Royal Tribute Overload Fusion Megamorph Solemn Warning Icarus Attack

Unlimited: Chaos Sorcerer Demise, King of Armageddon Snipe Hunter Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier Gold Sarcophagus Skill Drain Ultimate Offering

(Still to be confirmed hence it hasn't been posted on the Konami site)

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Release Date: February 22, 2011

El Segundo, CA (February 17, 2011) – Call your friends, microwave some popcorn and get set to Duel with the Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time Movie Pack! This movie pack releases February 22nd in advance of the United State’s debut of the second Yu-Gi-Oh! feature film, Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time Movie. (For more information, check out the 'source' link)


Bond Beyong Time Discussion. Come and discuss with us the movies' pack and the film itself on Neoseeker forums!

[edit] January 2011

[edit] Sneak Peak - STORM OF RAGNAROK

February 5 and/or February 6

The sneak peak has been announced on late January on the official Yu-Gi-Oh! site. For more information in regards to the sneak peak, locations, and additional information in regards to the booster, please check out the official page :).

More information to be posted.

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[edit] YU-GI-OH! CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES - Arlington, Texas

New YSC tournament has been announced! YSC will take in place in the days of Feb 12 - Feb 13 corresponding to this year. The location will be Arlington Convention Center Arlington, TX. For more information corresponding to this YSC or for location details, check out the official source. - [ CLICK HERE ]

[edit] Structure Deck: Dragunity Legion announced!

Travel back in time to Ancient Rome, and Duel using Dragons like never before!

Dragunity Decks are a special unity of ancient Celtic Dragons and Roman Winged-Beasts, from the time of the Roman Empire. But Dragunity monsters are more than just Dragons. They’re also living weapons!

Structure Deck: Dragunity Legion is the perfect introduction to building a Dragunity Deck of your own. You can also find many other Dragunity monsters in the latest booster pack sets.

Launch Date: 3/8/2011

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[edit] Duelist Pack: Yusei 3 announced!

Duelist Pack: Yusei 3 lets you add more of Yusei’s favorite cards to your Deck, including cards from the newest season of the TV series. This 30-card Duelist Pack set contains 8 new, never-before-seen cards, including 4 new monsters, 2 new Spell Cards, and 2 new Traps. That’s more new cards than any other Duelist Pack, ever!

This is your first chance to get a hold of Battle Waltz. This brand new Spell Card lets you make a copy of any Synchro Monster you control. Your new copy will have the same ATK, DEF, Level, Type, and Attribute as the Synchro Monster you’re copying. Just like that, you’ll have two big monsters instead of one!

Shut down your opponent’s strategy with Justice Bringer, a beefy Level 4 monster that can negate the effects of any monster your opponent Special Summoned. You can also power up Justice Bringer by using Boost Warrior, a new monster that pumps up the ATK of all your Warrior-Type monsters.

If you’re looking for easier ways to Synchro Summon, Synchro Material is a new Trap Card that lets you use your opponent’s monster to do your own Synchro Summon. Also, since Synchro Material is a Trap Card, you can even use it on your opponent’s turn. (And you can Synchro Summon during your opponent’s turn, if you use Formula Synchron from Starstrike Blast, or Urgent Tuning from Duelist Pack – Yusei.)

Launch Date: 1/25/11

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[edit] 2010

[edit] Storm of Ragnarok to be launched on February 08, 2011!


This was the Viking name for The End of the World. But as one world ends, a bold new age of Dueling begins!

As Ragnarok approaches, the Nordic gods – Odin, Thor, and Loki – descend upon the Dueling world, bringing with them the full fury of the monsters and warriors of the north. This 100-card set lets you bring down the wrath of the gods on your opponents!

One of the most powerful booster sets to release in years, Storm of Ragnarok will sweep away anyone who cannot adapt to the changing times, for the time of Ragnarok is at hand!

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[edit] Hidden Arsenal 3 launched! - December 07, 2010

Hidden Arsenal 3 is the latest all-monster, all-foil booster set for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. Hidden Arsenal 3 includes a mix of monsters that work well in any Deck, plus specialized monsters for the exciting new Deck themes that are now possible!

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[edit] YU-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer in stores nationwide! - December 07, 2010

Today, KONAMI announced the latest video game entry in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer for Wii™ is available at retail stores nationwide. Born from the storylines of the fan favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's animated series on Cartoon Network, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer will continue to give players an immersive Yu-Gi-Oh! experience by bringing the familiar competitive nature of free dueling and enriched storylines along with leveraging the technology of the respective console.

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[edit] March 2008

[edit] Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D Confirmed! - March 24, 2008

In a conference call early last week, Al Kahn, the CEO of 4Kids Entertainment, the licensing company for some popular children's anime series, including Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, confirmed the U.S. fall launch of Kazuki Takahashi's latest entry into the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. This new anime will air on Japanese television networks starting next month, as well as the release of new OCG cards to commemorate the new anime.

Set ten years after the end of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, 5D's, or Five Duel Scoop, focuses on collecting five powerful Dragon cards.

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[edit] Subway Summons Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Toys! - March 24, 2008

From March 24 to May 11, 2008, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fans in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can find tops and etching plates of some of their favorite monsters included in a Subway Fresh Fit Kids' Meal! There's no word as to what monsters will be represented in this promotion, but there's nothing wrong with finding things out on your own!

This promotion will run from April 7 to May 18 in the U.K. and in Ireland, so don't feel left out!

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[edit] Attention Duelists in Minnesota! Wanna Duel? - March 17, 2008

Are you a duelist in or near Minneapolis, Minnesota that's looking for a challenge? Well how about signing up for the upcoming Shonen Jump Championship? That's right. SJC is coming to Minnesota on April 12! This event will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center and the registration fee is $20. For more information, check out the information on UDE's tournament locator entry.

[edit] [TCG] Costa Mesa's Shonen Jump Championship is over! And the winner is... - March 17, 2008

That's right, folks. The most recent Shonen Jump Championship in Costa Mesa, California is over, and the results are in! This SJC was the largest ever, with 1056 competitors! However, as with every tournament, one duelist must overcome them and earn the title of Champion. That one duelist happens to be Lazaro Bellido, who now has a complete set of every championship prize card ever printed!

From this tournament, it's obvious that Dark Armed Dragon is the dominant theme in the current format. Gadget, Samurai, and Burn decks busted their way through to the top 32, but they all inevitably fell to Dark Armed Dragon. By the time the top 8 was announced, all eight' decks included Dark Armed Dragon!

Find full tournament coverage at the source.

[edit] TCG Players: Go for the Gold! - March 17, 2008

<img src="" border="0">

Hobby stores have gone gold! The new Gold Series of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game has a total of 45 cards, each with a brand new gold foil technology. Eighteen of these cards are reprints of rare and powerful cards of the past, such as Jinzo, Don Zaloog, Mirror Force, and Crush Card Virus.

The point behind gold foil technology? It adds gold borders to the cards.

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[edit] February 2008

[edit] Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: March 2008 List Revealed: What the hey? - February 21, 2008

It's February 21, which means that Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE) is going to be releasing the new forbidden/limited list.

...Or maybe they already have. Straight from UDE's site:


I. Forbidden Cards

There are no Forbidden Cards in this format.

II. Limited Cards

There are no limited Cards in this Format.

III. Semi-Limited Cards

There are no Semi-limited Cards in this Format.

Hmm, could it be that they just don't have it up yet or are they serious and this is their way of telling Konami to put a sock in it with their banlist for the OCG? Only time will tell...

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Update: This has now been updated and the list is identical to the OCG list. Check this story for the changes.

[edit] TCG: Hobby League 6 Cards Unveiled! - February 19, 2008

Do you attend Hobby League tournaments? If not, you might want to start doing so! Three of the six cards for the Hobby League 6 pack have been revealed. These cards are:

HL06-EN001: Nobleman of Crossout

HL06-EN002: Limiter Removal

HL06-EN003: D.D. Warrior Lady

Cards four through six have not yet been revealed, but we'll keep you posted once they are!

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[edit] Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG: March 2008 Lists Revealed! - February 18, 2008

The new Forbidden and Limited list has been revealed for the OCG in Japan. The new list comes as a surprise to many with some of the cards that are now limited or unlimited that were once forbidden, semi-limited, or restricted. As this list is often similar, if not identical to, the TCG in the United States and around the world, we'll go ahead and assume that these changes will apply to the TCG as well until we hear otherwise. The current changes are:

[edit] Forbidden

  • Breaker the Magical Warrior is now forbidden.
  • Call of the Haunted is now forbidden.
  • Magician of Faith is now forbidden.
  • Monster Reborn is no longer forbidden.

[edit] Limited

  • Advanced Ritual Art is now limited.
  • Monster Reborn is now limited.
  • Nobleman of Crossout is now limited.
  • Ojama Trio is now limited.
  • Raiza the Storm Monarch is now limited.
  • Book of Moon is no longer limited.
  • Breaker the Magical Warrior is no longer limited.
  • Call of the Haunted is no longer limited.
  • Mage Power is no longer limited.
  • Magical Stone Excavation is no longer limited.
  • Magician of Faith is no longer limited.

[edit] Semi-Limited

  • Book of Moon is now semi-limited.
  • Cyber Dragon is now semi-limited.
  • Foolish Burial is now semi-limited.
  • Light and Darkness Dragon is now semi-limited.
  • Mage Power is now semi-limited.
  • Magical Stone Excavation is now semi-limited.
  • Necroface is now semi-limited.
  • Apprentice Magician is no longer semi-limited.
  • Creature Swap is no longer semi-limited.
  • Green Gadget is no longer semi-limited.
  • Jinzo is no longer semi-limited.
  • Pot of Avarice is no longer semi-limited.
  • Reckless Greed is no longer semi-limited.
  • Red Gadget is no longer semi-limited.
  • Yellow Gadget is no longer semi-limited.

For the full list, check out the source. Don't forget to check back on the 21st when the list for the TCG is revealed! Bold text

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