Mustering of the Dark Scorpions

Part of the "Dark Scorpion" Archetype

Mustering of the Dark Scorpions

File:.png Attribute Type Rank Attack Defense
n/a Spell Card / Normal Spell n/a n/a n/a
Card Text
(DCR) You can only activate this card when you have "Don Zaloog" face-up on your side of the field. You can Special Summon any of the cards from your hand that include "Dark Scorpion" in the card name, or are named "Cliff the Trap Remover". You cannot Special Summon 2 cards with the same card name by the effect of this card.

(GLD5) If you control a face-up "Don Zaloog": You can Special Summon any number of "Dark Scorpion" monsters from your hand, but only 1 copy of each.

Card Effect Types
Normal Spell
TCG Sets
Dark Crisis - Common

Gold Series: Haunted Mine - Common

OCG Sets
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