[edit] Metagame

The Metagame is a term commonly used in competitive aspects of games to describe the tactics which appear the most commonly in the professional scene. In Yu-Gi-Oh!, this term is used to describe the array of "Tier 1" decks, which dominate the game.

[edit] Influence of Hype over the Metagame

Although the power of the individual decks which appear predominately in the Metagame tend to be a factor as well, the more recent Metagames have been heavily influenced by hype. As more publicity is given to certain decks through their constant hype, more players pick up on the deck and overwhelm large-scale Tournaments with it, contributing to extra hype.

[edit] "King Deck"

Generally, the results of recent YCS are posted, with decklists made publicly known, which contribute to the hype of a deck, causing more players to "jump on the bandwagon" and also play the deck. This causes a rush of players to overwhelm the next YCS, causing the deck to again be hyped as the "King deck". However, kings don't reign forever, as the prevalence of the "King deck" causes decks whose nature counter the King Deck sift through the large amounts of King Decks caused by the Hype to easily obtain a YCS top. This new deck topping causes the majority of players to follow the new bandwagon, and the cycle repeats with the new King Deck.

[edit] Banlist

The cycle of the "King Deck" which controls the TCG metagame is interrupted every six months (At March and September), where Konami releases a new Banlist, ushering the game into a new format. Additionally, the effects of the banlist are generally major enough to dissuade most players of the deck to stop using it, despite that the limitations of the deck from the banlist may not be particularly major. This also allows Konami to engineer the following format towards specific decks, many of which are to be released in the upcoming sets post-banlist.

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