Lightsworns (Lightlords in the OCG) are an Archetype of cards, first introduced in Light of Destruction, which gave them massive amounts of support. They are Light Attribute Monsters that have the effect of self-Milling.

This archetype's Boss Monster, (Judgment Dragon)'s effect of clearing the Field has heavily influenced several Formats. As such, the deck is based around fulfilling the conditions to summon Judgment Dragon, which is easily achieved due to the self-milling of most Lightsworn cards. Furthermore, Lightsworns contain a myriad of Spells and Traps whose effects further increase the consistency of the deck, as they contribute to the self-mill while maintaining Hand Advantage.

However, Lightsworns have a constant problem of Decking Out and must win quickly, which can be easily achieved due to their powerful field-clearing effects.

[edit] The Lightsworn "Engine"

In decks with high monster count, the Lightsworn engine is also used to speed up the deck, increasing consistency while sending cards which the decks need to be in the Graveyard. The engine is simplified, and only contains two monsters, Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress, and Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, to allow for destruction and milling

[edit] Metagame Influence

Having dominated several series of Formats, forcing several cards to be affected by the Banlist, Lightsworn still plays a heavy influence in the current Metagame.

Despite the regular "pure" lightsworn deck being crippled, it is still playable, and used by some players. However, more commonly, Lightsworn monsters are being incorporated into "Chaos" decks, which use a mixture of LIGHT and DARK monsters to fulfill the summoning conditions of powerful monsters such as Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning.

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