[edit] Introduction

Lavals are a FIRE Attribute Archetype released in Duel Terminal - Vylon Descends!! and Generation Force, Lavals gained greater support in Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion and it started to give them their power. With the new Banlist, their popularity is rising and they will be present at future big tournaments.

[edit] Gameplay

The Laval Archetype is very Graveyard based, as most effects Mill cards. A select group, also the most used cards, are the ones with 200 Defense Points. Every Laval Deck uses a very powerful card: Rekindling. Rekindling lets you Summon as many FIRE monsters with 200 DEF as possible from your Graveyard and Banishes them during the End Phase. Just like the Flamvell Archetype (whom combine well with Lavals), the Lavals have Tuner Monsters amongst them. One of the best Tuner Monsters for Lavals is Laval Volcano Handmaiden as she is a Level 1 Tuner Monster with 200 DEF. Due to Rekindling and their Tuner Monsters, Lavals can litterly spam Synchro Monsters even to the point of summoning Shooting Quasar Dragon in one turn with ease. This requires you to set up your Graveyard via Molten Convection which sends 2 Laval monsters from your Deck to the Graveyard. The first card you send is Laval Magma Cannoneer and the second is Laval Volcano Handmaiden. Because Cannoneer is already in the Graveyard, Handmaiden’s effect activates which allows you to send another Handmaiden and then another and eventually sending a second Cannoneer. The summoning of Shooting Quasar Dragon requires you to have a Level 1 non-Tuner Monster in your hand, (popular choices include Swift Scarecrow and Boost Warrior). You activate Rekindling, (if your opponent has Set cards on the field, you might want to have a Royal Decree), you summon both Magma Cannoneer and the 3 Handmaiden’s from your Graveyard. You tune 1 Handmaiden with a Cannoneer and Synchro Summon T.G. Hyper Librarian, then use another Handmaiden and Cannoneer to summon another level 5 Synchro Monster, options are Lavalval Dragon, Ally of Justice Catastor and Laval Dual Slasher and because Librarian is on the field you can Draw a card. Eventually you either Normal Summon Swift Scarecrow or Special Summon Boost Warrior from your hand and Summon Formula Synchron allowing you to Draw 2 more cards and the set-up to Synchro Summon Shooting Quasar Dragon is done. Another card that is quite important to Lavals is Pot of Avarice, allowing you to return your used Synchro Monsters used to summon Quasar and even Quasar himself to summon him a second time if people manage to get rid of him and Shooting Star Dragon. Laval Lakeside Lady is a good substitute Tuner Monster when you are not summoning Shooting Quasar Dragon and allows you to summon another powerful monster, Laval Stennon or Black Rose Dragon while also being able to Banish her and another Laval monster to destroy a Set card your opponent controls, the problem is how to retrieve that extra Banished monster? The answer to that is Laval Cannon who can Special Summon a Banished Laval monster upon summon, Laval Cannon is the only standardly used Laval monster who does not have 200 DEF. Lavals also have the option to summon Red Nova Dragon via 1 Rekindling, though it's a little bit more difficult. The Red Nova option either requires you to get Red Dragon Archfiend and 2 Tuner Monsters on the field whose combined Level 4. The main card for summon Red Nova is Laval Lancelord, then use Laval Forest Sprite to summon Red Dragon Archfiend, then you need either 2 more Forest Sprites or 1 Laval Volcano Handmaiden and 1 Laval Lakeside Lady to summon Red Nova Dragon.

[edit] Members




[edit] Building the Deck

[edit] The Core

These are the cards that should be included in every Laval deck regardless of what the meta looks like.

3x Laval Cannon

Lavals have many cards that Banish other Laval monsters, Laval Cannon Special Summons one when Normal Summoned or Flip Summoned. Next to that he has a reasonable ATK of 1600 and is a Level 4 monster.

3x Laval Volcano Handmaiden

Handmaiden is the ideal card to set up the grave for Rekindling and besides that she is also the ideal Tuner Monster to summon high leveled Synchro Monsters via level climbing.

2x Laval Magma Cannoneer

Magma Cannoneer is the monster with the highest Attack Points that can be Normal Summoned in Laval with the exception of Laval Lancelord. Magma Cannoneer’s effect allows you to set up your Graveyard when you Draw to many Laval monsters and is required to summon Shooting Quasar Dragon.

2x Laval Lakeside Lady

Lakeside Lady is a Level 3 Tuner Monster who can Banish herself and another Laval monster to destroy a Set card making her ideal to get rid of set backrow that might stop your synchro spam when using Rekindling. She is also used to quickly summon Laval Stennon.

3x Molten Convection

This Spell Card is the ultimate grave set-up for Lavals, once is enough to instantly fill your Graveyard up for the summon of Shooting Quasar Dragon and many other synchro spams.

3x Rekindling

The card that makes it possible for Lavals to be a powerful force, this card summons all you need to end up with either Shooting Quasar Dragon or Red Nova Dragon. When using Rekindling, keep the word “One-Turn Kill” in mind.

[edit] The Staples

While not a key part of the deck, they still are a key in winning duels and should be added before any techs.

1x Dark Hole

Dark Hole gets all the monsters card out of your way before summoning your Synchro Monsters, it helps you set-up your One Turn Kill or protects you from monster cards that can defeat you before you can spam away with Rekindling.

1x Monster Reborn

Monster Reborn is a very powerful card that can retrieve a properly summoned Synchro Monster or get that extra monster you need to protect yourself or further spam your field.

1x Solemn Judgment

A card can negate alot of things by paying half your Life Points is an amazing thing to have when you’re opponent is able to strike back.

1-2x Solemn Warning

Paying 2000 Life Points to stop a summon or a card that summons another monster is a good thing to have, especially with cards like Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning and others prowling around.

1x Foolish Burial

Burial is actually a mini-Molten Convection in a Laval deck, use it to send that extra Laval Monster from your Deck to the grave.

1-3x Mystical Space Typhoon

A very good card to deflect things that might come your way when you’re trying to defeat your opponent. Set cards that might contain things like Bottomless Trap Hole or Dimensional Prison or one of the Solemns. It also destroys the arch-enemy cards of Laval: Dimensional Fissure and Macro Cosmos.

0-2x Torrential Tribute

Practically the same as Dark Hole but it can help a little bit more by stopping your opponent when he’s Swarming the field with monsters. There are numerous decks that can’t recover from a well-timed Torrential Tribute while you don’t have to worry about your monsters as you can respam the field with Rekindling.

1x Pot of Avarice

You failed at summoning Shooting Quasar Dragon or your opponent got rid of it? Use Pot of Avarice to return the Synchro’s back to your deck and do it again.

0-2x Bottomless Trap Hole

Bottomless Trap Hole is a good card to defend you from cards like Rescue Rabbit, it may not always be the most desired choice but it stays a good choice anyway to destroy and Banish summoned monsters.

1x Heavy Storm

Lavals don’t run much backrow, and this card is ideal to get your opponent’s abckrow out of the way before OTK’ing him.

0-2x Mirror Force

Destroy all Attack Position monsters your opponent controls as he declares an attack can mean it saves your life at times.

1-2x Pot of Duality

Duality is used as a search engine for Lavals to search out the cards you need to either fetch other cards of get the cards you directly need.

[edit] Cards that Change with Formats

0-2x Effect Veiler

Not every format has many decks that require Face-Up monsters to do their Swarming and other things. Effect Veiler remains good, but not preferable in every format.

[edit] Common Techs

1-2x Cardcar D

Cardcar D is a draw engine that can be utilized well by Lavals, but due to their lack of backrow, it’s also a risk to use at times.

2-3x Gold Sarcophagus

Gold Sarco is used to fetch the cards you need for your OTK.

1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

Gorz is a very important card for Lavals as they don’t run much backrow, lowering the risks of cards like Cardcar D.

3x Swift Scarecrow

Scarecrow is another card that reduces the risk of cards like Cardcar D and is aso used for the summon of Shooting Quasar Dragon

1x Reinforcement of the Army

Not every Laval monster is a Pyro monster, Laval Cannon is a Warrior which can be fetched with Reinforcement to lower the amount of cards in your deck and to give you extra options to summon cards.

0-2x Flamvell Firedog

A 1900 beatstick who can summon another 200 DEF monster from your deck when he destroys a card while also having 200 DEF and is viable to Rekindling for the summon of Quasar and other cards.

0-1x Flamvell Magician

A higher leveled Tuner with 200 DEF.

0-1x Laval Lancelord

A higher leved Laval monster with 200 DEF, ideal when not trying to summon Shooting Quasar Dragon, though he is used to summon Red Nova Dragon.

0-2x Laval Forest Sprite

Another Tuner option with 200 DEF and a main Tuner to summon Red Nova Dragon.

1x Boost Warrior

A monster only used to summon Quasar.

0-2x Royal Decree

Decree is ideal to rule out the use of Torrential Tribute by your opponent when Swarming the field.

[edit] Extra Deck

Lavals really have a limited set of options for the Extra Deck since the space is only 15 while they have so much options.

1x Ally of Justice Catastor

A level 5 Synchro with a powerful effect and can be used to summon Shooting Quasar Dragon.

1x Laval Dual Slasher

This card has absolutely nou se except for the summon of Quasar.

1x Lavalval Dragon

A Compulsory Evacuation Device in monster form that is also used for the summon of Quasar.

1x Lavalval Dragun

This card is used to send extra Lavals to the grave and works as an extra Foolish Burial.

1x T.G. Hyper Librarian

This is the most important card to have in your Extra Deck when summoning Shooting Quasar Dragon since he fills up your hand turning Rekindling into an even greater plus.

1x Formula Synchron

This is THE TUNER monster to summon Shooting Quasar Dragon, it has no other reason to be in a Laval deck then this.

1-2x Laval Stennon

A great second option if you can’t summon another big monster, by Discarding 1 card it cannot be targetted at the cost of Banishing 1 Laval monster when targetted.

1x Lavalval Chain

A third Foolish Burial for Lavals and the only Xyz Monster every Laval deck should run.

1x Shooting Star Dragon

Only use this card if you use Shooting Quasar Dragon as this card is summoned when he leaves the field.

1x Shooting Quasar Dragon

Quasar is the ultimate monster summoned via Rekindling, his negating ability and being able to attack atleast twice with his whopping 4000 ATK gives people a reason to fear it.

1x Red Dragon Archfiend

Archfiend is a 3000 ATK monster with a reasonable effect, but the true goal to run him is for the summon of Red Nova Dragon, this card is not to be used when you run Quasar Lavals.

1x Red Nova Dragon

Another super monster that can be summoned in a Laval deck, Quasar is more prefferable but this card is a pure powerhouse. Only run it when you don’t run Shooting Quasar Dragon.

[edit] Side Deck

Lavals have things to defend themselves against the feared Side Deck of the opponent.

0-2x Maxx “C”

Wind-Up and other Swarm decks are very popular, use Maxx “C” to make sure you get the cards you need when they start to Swarm.

0-2x Imperial Iron Wall

Dimensional Fissure and Macro Cosmos are very dangerous, this card makes sure you cannot be hurt by them.

[edit] Skeleton Decklist

[edit] Weaknesses

Laval decks heavily rely on the grave, cards like Dimensional Fissure and Macro Cosmos disrupt the deck so heavily that they cannot do anything as long as those cards are active.

[edit] Why aren’t these cards used?

Laval Blaster

Blaster is a mill engine that ups his power, due to the importance of several cards in the skeleton, random milling is utterly useless in Laval decks.

Laval Burner

A great card to use when you need high levelled monsters that do not have 200 DEF, the tight space Lavals require makei t impossible for Burner to see the light of day in competetive Laval decks.

Laval Coatl

A level 2 Tuner that can Special Summon himself from the hand may seem ideal, but yet again due to the tight space this is another card that is ouclassed in use.

Laval Judgment Lord

Burn damage by Banishing a Laval monster and not being able to attack afterwards is not what Lavals prefer as they need their monsters in the grave.

Laval Miller

It’s a Molten Convection in monster form when destroyed and send to the grave, Molten Convection is the far better choice of the 2.

Laval Phlogis

A 300 ATK bonus when he is destroyed is just bad.

Laval the Greater

Practically a weaker Laval Stennon with a similair effect, the Extra Deck space is already tight and this card is outrunned by Laval Stennon in terms of efefct and power.

Laval Warrior

A simple beatstick with Burn damage and does not have 200 DEF. Useless considering the tactics of Laval decks.

Lavalval Ignis

A simple Rank 3 monster with a power-up effect while the only Level 3 Laval used, is Laval Lakeside Lady who can be used for far better Synchro Monsters.

Burgeoning Whirlflames

The activation requires you to send a Laval from your hand to the grave to negate a Trap, this is reasonable but there is simply no room for such a card in the Deck.

Dustflame Blast

Banish all Laval monsters in the grave to destroy the same amount of cards on the field is a horrible effect for a grave-centered deck like Lavals.

Molten Whirlwind Wall

A simple Trap to power-up your Face-Up Lavals is not worth your time.

[edit] Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series

Lavals haven’t really been present at the latest YCS tournaments, but they are due to place themselves amongst them after the release of Molten Convection.

Top 32

Top 16

Top 8

Top 4


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