Kalin Kessier

Kalin Kessier was the leader of The Enforcers and a Dark Signer.

During his time as a member of the enforcers, Kalin Kessier lead The Enforcers to unite Satellite, by defeating all of the duel gangs. After Satellite is united, Kalin becomes insane, and attacks Securities, causing him to be arrested, and later, tortured to death. Before he died, he was angry at Yusei Fudo because he thought that Yusei had told Securities about him. This anger causes him to transform into a Dark Signer (In the dub, he is offered to join the Dark Signers by Roman Goodwin, and just transforms without being killed).

When he is a Dark Signer, Kalin's Earthbound Immortal was Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu.

When Yusei defeats Rex Goodwin, causing the Dark Signers to return to normal, Kalin leaves for Crashtown to die, due to the regret of his actions as a Dark Signer.

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