Gladiator Beast

Gladiator beasts are an Archetype introduced in the set Gladiator's Assault that are an assortment of Attributes and Types. With a few exceptions, Gladiator Beasts have an effect that allows them to "Tag out" by returning to the deck, and special summoning another Gladiator Beast from the deck. Often, the Gladiator Beasts' effects are activated by being Special Summoned from the deck to the field by another Gladiator tagging out.

In addition to "tagging out" Gladiator Beasts, they have four Fusion monsters, each of which, excluding Gladiator Beast Essedarii, requires one specific Gladiator Beast monster and either one or two other Gladiator Beast monsters on the field (depending on the Fusion monster being summoned), at which point the monsters can be returned to the Main Deck to Special Summon the appropriate Gladiator Beast Fusion monster.

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