Geargia are a small archetype consisting of five monsters and one support whose debut monster, Geargiano, appeared in Generation Force, the rest of the archetype and its support appearing in Return of the Duelist.

Geargia monsters' appearances take great inspiration from a mixture of clockwork machinery and modern creations with some degree of American cartoon-inspired qualities.

The general goal for a deck incorporating Geargia into it is the Xyz summon of its support card, Gear Gigant X, who then furthers the purpose of the deck as defined by the player's build.

Geargia do not seem to be meant to function on their own, lacking power and a "boss" monster, and so function more effectively as an engine to fuel other Machine-based archetypes such as Machina, Karakuri, Gadgets, or Meklords, though many other options are available.


The playstyle of the Geargia archetype is focused heavily around deck-searching and swarm tactics which are best utilized with Xyz Summons. The deck has an effective Rank 4 Xyz engine in the form of Geargiarmor and Geargiaccelerator, utilizing Geargiarsenal to search out the former. The archetype also has an effective Rank 3 engine in the form of Geargiano Mk-II in conjunction with either itself or Geargiano, both of which are able to be searched by the effect of Geargiarmor.

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