Exodia is a win condition consisting of 5 cards first introduced in the original Anime, as used by Yugi to defeat Kaiba in the pilot episode.


[edit] Backstory

Shimon Muran's Ka spirit is Exodia, as shown in the Dawn of the Duel arc. Shimon sealed Exodia due to its strength, but released him to battle Zorc Necrophades. Despite its power, Exodia manages to be defeated by Zorc, as Exodia's life force was drawn from a mortal.

[edit] Other Exodia Cards

[edit] Exodia Necross

Additional "Exodia" cards are introduced further into the Anime, as Exodia Necross is used by Gozaburo Kaiba in Episode 120. Differing from the traditional alternate win condition, Exodia Necross stayed on the field, ignoring any attempts to destroy it. However, Seto Kaiba manages to destroy it in the anime through the activation of Soul Demolition, banishing all Exodia pieces in the Graveyard and winning the game.

[edit] Exodius

Returning to the roots of an alternate win condition, Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord was used by Adrian Gecko in episode 145.


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