Exchange of Spirit FTK

A First Turn Kill deck (FTK) that can only be made in the traditional format.

It is based on getting 15 cards in the Graveyard, and then activating the effect of Exchange of the Spirit to Deck Out the opponent.

[edit] Traditional Strategy

Traditionally, an Exchange of the Spirit FTK deck is based on using Temple of Kings or Makyura the Destructor's effect to allow trap cards to be activated on the first turn. Then, the player draws until there are atleast 15 cards in the graveyard (using cards like Sixth Sense, Reckless Greed, Jar of Greed, Legacy of Yata-Garasu, Graceful Charity, and Pot of Greed).

Exchange of Spirit is then activated, to make the opponent deck-out.

[edit] Weaknesses

If the opponent goes first, and activates card effect(s) that causes cards to be sent to the graveyard, the FTK will not cause the opponent to Deck Out until a few turns later. By then, they could have already won, due to there being a lack of stalling cards in this FTK.

A Dead Hand full of traps may occur.

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