Earthbound Immortal

Earthbound Immortals (Earthbound Gods in the OCG) are an Archetype that consists entirely of high-leveled monsters. All of them have the effect of being able to attack the opponent directly. Combined with their high attack, this effect allows them to inflict massive damage to the opponent.

However, this comes with two major drawbacks:

  • There can only be one Earthbound Immortal on the field
  • If there is no Field Spell in play, the Earthbound Immortal is destroyed.

Their artworks all feature 1 of them emerging from a hole in the ground from which blue flames are emerging, symbolizing them being released from being bound to the earth (hence the name, Earthbound).

[edit] Story

The Earthbound Immortals are incarnations of evil entities that were sealed in the Nazca Lines by the Crimson Dragon and it's servants 5000 years before the events of Yugioh 5Ds.

These "Gods" are shaped in the form of a corresponding Nazca Line.

Each Dark Signer is bound to one. The Dark Signer also wears striped robes the same color as their corresponding immortal.

These "Gods" battled with the Crimson Dragon and the Signer Dragons, where they were sealed. 50 centuries after their confinement, the Zero Reverse incident released them.

[edit] Cards

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