Duel Terminal

Duel Terminals are arcade machines which dispense cards for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game.


[edit] Gameplay

The Duel Terminal has a variety of game modes involving the card game. Players either use a pre-determined Deck decided by the system, or use their own cards, if the cards have "DUEL TERMINAL" as the edition. These cards are recognized by a scanner, and can be used for the session. The game is 1$ per play in the United States, and 100 yen per play in Japan.

Until they are released by a widely available source (Such as the Hidden Arsenal series of booster packs), Duel Terminal cards are not recognized as legitimate, legal cards for used in tournaments.

[edit] Storylines

The various Archetypes within the Duel Terminal also introduce various story lines about the rivalry between each Archetype.

[edit] Part 1: Worm Invasion

Each tribe had no-stop wars for supremacy over the entire area. The battles were never-ending, and at constant stalemates due to the equal powers distributed between each tribe. However, the otherwise un-ending stalemate was disrupted by Worms, invaders from space. Desperately, each tribe revived powerful monsters sealed away. The Ice Barriers unsealed the Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, the first of three Ice Barrier dragons, to attack the invaders.

[edit] Ally of Justice

Eventually, the tribes settled into a ceasefire, and united to fend off the Worm invaders. The largest, most influential tribes united, and formed the organization known as the Ally of Justice. With their combined technology, weapons were developed to defeat the Worms. The first prototype created, Ally of Justice Catastor, will soon be at the forefront of various battes.

[edit] Genex

The Genex, power reactors began to move at the same time, unnoticed by other tribes...

[edit] Disturbing Naturias

Eventually, the onslaught of worms covered the entire continent, even reaching the quiet Naturia. Despite their peaceful nature, they join the fighting to defend their home.

Engineers realized that capturing worms allowed them to power up the "Ally of Justice" machines, demonstrated through Ally of Justice Enemy Catcher.

[edit] Fableds waken

For some unknown reasons, the Fableds, evil gods sealed within the earth awake. Instead of cooperate with the defense of the continent, these gods went on with their own motives, initially attacking the Jurrac, a tribe otherwise unaffected by the ongoing war.

Meanwhile, the Genex equipped themselves, appearing as the battle-ready Genex Army and joining in the battle.

[edit] Desperation

With both the Fabled and Worms running amok, forces began to decimate the soldiers fending off worms. Out of desperation, the Ice Barriers unseal their second dragon: Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier. Despite its unwieldiness, Gungnir contributed to the destruction of enemies.

Meanwhile, the Genex have further developed and evolved to become R-Genex

[edit] Dragunities

Having seperated from the Ally of Justice due to their disagreement with the organization's tactics, the Mist Valley were slowly dwindling in a state of disadvantage. Eventually, however, reinforcements arrived, as the dragon-riding Dragunity reappear.

[edit] Final Onslaught

The invasion of Worms began to slow down. Meanwhile, the Ally of Justice continued to develop more advanced technology to prepare for the eventual finality. Suddenly, a Worm Call...

Detecting this distortion, a quarantine was made in the area of the distortion, but to no avail. The final battle began, as Worm Zero emerged...

Cannibalizing fellow worms, Worm Zero amassed power, destroying everything in its path.

[edit] Last Hope

The last ace was finally built. It was released, to attack Worm Zero. In a close battle, Ally of Justice Decisive Armor destroyed the last of the Worms.

[edit] The end...?

During the entire conflict, the Fableds had been silently reviving their gods, amassing up to full power. Foreshadowing this full revival, and the eventual conquest, The Fableds, servants of Fableds, revealed themselves.

Weakened from the extreme onslaught, the Ally of Justice were decimated by the Fableds. They pleaded for the support of the R-Genex, and finally obtained their support. The Genex revealed their latest weapons, Genex Ally.

Meanwhile, the Jurracs, previously been attacked by endless Fabled minions, turned the last of their brethren into a meteor, destroying the homeland and any fableds in it. This site gave birth to the Neo Flamvell, who will not mature enough to fend off the Fableds.

[edit] Accidentally the World

As a last resort, the Ice Barrier revived their last dragon, Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier. The consequences of the revival of Trishula were unknown at the time, and proved to be deadly, as the dragon froze the world, Time having stopped...

[edit] Part 2: Swarm

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