Dark Signer

Dark Signers are a group from the Dark Signers arc in Yugioh 5Ds who are against the Signers. When a person dies, he or she is given a chance to live by becoming a Dark Signer at the time of death if they display a great will to live or a reason for revenge.

If they do, an Earthbound Immortal is bound to them.

List of Dark Signers:

As Dark Signers have already died, once they have been defeated in their own Shadow Duel or Shadow Turbo Duel for that matter, their departure from this world appears differently. Instead of simply dying like a normal human being, they instead wither until they become dust.

[edit] History

The Earthbound Immortals are evil entities that were sealed in the Nazca Lines by the Crimson Dragon and the Five Dragons. The Dark Signers possess an inborn drive to defeat the Signers, whom each has a marking of the Crimson Dragon, over the course of 5,000 years.

Kalin Kessier became a Dark Signer after being tortured to death by Securities and revived, fueled with revenge against his former friend Yusei Fudo due to a misunderstanding.

Misty Tredwell was transformed while suffering in a hospital. After she was revived, her Earthbound Immortal, Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua ordered her to kill Akiza Izinski. Fueled by revenge, due to the thought that Akiza Izinski killer her brother, she obeyed.

Roman Goodwin was placed in charge of the first Enerdy Reactor, developed by Professor Fudo prior to the Zero Reverse Incident. The Zero Reverse released the sealed Earthbound Immortals, and killed Roman. He is then revived as a Dark Signer.

Carly Carmine was thrown off the Arcadia Movement building to her death by Sayer.

Greiger was released from a police station by Roman Goodwin, and recruited as a Dark Signer, due to his anger at Rex Goodwin.

It is unknown as to how Devack became a Dark Signer, but it is presumed that it is due to his possession of Ancient Fairy Dragon.

Rex Goodwin became a Dark Signer, after purposely losing a Shadow Duel against Roman Goodwin.

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