Crossroads of Chaos

Preceded by The Duelist Genesis and followed by Crimson Crisis. Also found in Crossroads of Chaos Special Edition

Crossroads of Chaos

Card Pack Crossroads of Chaos (CSOC)
Cover Card Black Rose Dragon

[edit] Description

In Neo Domino City, five Duelists are marked by destiny to uncover the secrets of the five Dragons. Start your engines and get ready to Duel - the future of Yu-Gi-Oh! is kickin' into overdrive! More cards, more Duels, more excitement: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - rev it up!

9 cards in every pack.

[edit] Crossroads of Chaos set list

[edit] Back Inserts

Black Rose Dragon

The third of the legendary Dragon Synchro Monsters from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, "Black Rose Dragon" possesses incredible power. It can destroy every card on the field! If you are playing with Plant monsters, you can unlock even more of its abilities. Look for more mighty new Plants to Duel with in Crossroads of Chaos booster packs.

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