[edit] Introduction

Constellars (formerly known as "The Sacred") are an Archetype which completely consist of LIGHT Attribute monsters, Xyz Monsters, and several Spell Cards. They are currently found in Duel Terminal 7 only so they are not yet legal in the current TCG.

[edit] Game Play

Constellars rely heavily on Normal Summons to get their effects off and Swarm the field with several Xyz Monsters. This is both an advantage and disadvantage due to popular card choices in current Decks such as Effect Veiler, Bottomless Trap Hole, Light-Imprisoning Mirror, and Skill Drain amongst others that will stop their momentum. Due to their LIGHT Attribute though, they lend themselves well to support cards already in play such as the always powerful, Honest.

[edit] Recommended Cards

Main Deck

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[edit] Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series

Currently not legal for YCS tournaments until their Hidden Arsenal counterparts are released in the TCG. Time will tell if they can be regarded as a competitive Deck.


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