[edit] Introduction

The Chronomaly (OOPArts is the original Japanese name) Archetype is a series of Light-Attribute monsters who made their debut in Return of the Duelist. The whole archetype exists out of Machine and Rock-type monsters with a few exceptions like Chronomaly Crystal Chrononaut who is a Psychic-type monster. The archetype is used by Tres in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Anime.

[edit] Game Play

The Chronomaly are based on Swarming the field so you can Xyz Summon either Rank 3 or Rank 5 monsters with ease. many Chronomaly monsters can special summon themselves or others when there is an Chronomaly monster on the field. Chronomaly Golden Jet can level up all Chronomaly monsters that are currently on the field and combo's great with Chronomaly Moai to make terrifying Rank 5 monsters like Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh or Number 61: Volcasaurus.

With all Chronomaly monsters carrying the Light Attribute, they also gain the same weaknesses and support of other Light Attribute based decks or cards like Honest. Cards like Light-Imprisoning Mirror and Macro Cosmos hurt the deck alot since grave control is needed for a few keycards of the deck.

Even if your opponent takes down your monsters and sends them to the Graveyard you still have defensive cards like Stonehenge Methods to reswarm the field with other monsters so you can summon another monster next turn.

[edit] Recommended Cards

Main Deck

Side Deck

Extra Deck

[edit] Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series

This archetype hasn't made any appearances during any YCS so far.

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