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Short for Trading Card Game, the TCG is the version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! which is played Worldwide, but generally in the Americas, Europe, and Australia.

The TCG is printed in various languages, with all TCG cards being tournament legal in any country the game is played. Cards from its counterpart, the OCG, unfortunately, cannot be played. However, TCG cards aside from TCG exclusives can be used in tournament play within the OCG.

Despite receiving cards much later than its Japanese equivalent, the OCG, the TCG receives "TCG Exclusives", cards that are not available to the OCG for much time. Due to the power of many of these "TCG Exclusives", the Metagame within the TCG often differs completely to that of its counterpart.

[edit] Licensing

The TCG is manufactured by Konami, with Upper Deck Entertainment acquiring rights to market the TCG for 75,000,000 USD from Konami. This agreement eventually expired in 2010, with Konami issuing a press release in 2008 of its plans to regain control of all aspects of the TCG.

Further complicating this issue, Upper Deck Entertainment responded with a lawsuit against Konami for 75,001,000 USD, claiming loss of earnings and a breach of contract, as Konami cut ties a year prior to the legal conclusion of the contract.

Konami responded by requesting a temporary shipping ban, which was denied.