Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

North American Box Art

Developer KCEJ
Publisher Konami
Platform Playstation
Release Date(s) March 20, 2002
Genre Turn-Based Strategy
Rating (E) Everyone

Taking place centuries before the manga, anime, and card game series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories casts you as the ancient Egyptian ancestor of Yugi. Egypt is beset by impending doom, and only by unravelling the mysteries of the Shadow Game and the seven magical totems can you hope to save the land. Forbidden Memories features cards straight from the card game, which you can use to duel and trade with your friends.



Yami Yugi or what you decide to name the guy can walk around in a 2-d map with the directional buttons. He can duel many opponents in the dueling grounds. In the dueling map, you can see your monster cards in 3-d by pressing circle. You can check your cards in the library which will show the card and the monster in 3-d. In the free duel, you get to duel the opponents you already beaten and in campaign you get to duel new opponents. Yami Yugi gets new cards for each duel you win. Buy cards with a certain amount of starchips by using the number on a TCG card. By beating the game, you'll get a code for the official YU-GI-OH Duelest Of Roses Game for the PS2 platform.

Recent Discoveries

A Brazilian team of player magnaged to discover a number of thing that were substracted from this game:

1) The original Japanese function was made to be used with the famous pocket station accsesory said function was scrapped for the NTSC-U and PAL versions of the game.

2) There is a drop rate for every card but certain cards that were meant to be obtained via pocket station.

3) Some of the cards that cannot be won are: Black Luster Soldier and its respective Ritual, Ultimate Blues White dragon and its ritual fall in the same category along with other cards such as Perfect Ultimate Great Moth.

4) The unwinable Cards ahve a drop rate of 0 but were related to certain duelists.

5) The AI of this game can be manipulated as well using certain attack patterns will force it to fuse monsters.

6) The Use of the pocket station had a function known as lottery card and monster fusion, the first would allow you to get a random card monster, while the second would permanently fuse certain cards onto a new one, for example you could fusion all 3 Blue eyes white dragons to get a Ultimate Blue Eyes White Dragon card.

7) Each card not only has an adress but an ID, if the aress is 722 its ID its different.

8) Each card is not predeterminated, meaning that at the end of each duel an ID is generated hence a card is generated.

9) This Game was Programmed in PERL language.

10) Certain moves within a Duel will alter dramatically the chances of what cards can be droped keep it seems is always the last card used the one that alters the whole ID

Mod & Sequel

The brazilian team of YGO:FM have produced a mod where the unwinnable cards can be obtained.

Said mod has the drop rates and card drops modded to correspond to their logical duelists jonho is more likeley to drop Red eyes Black Dragon and B.Skull Dragon than other duelits.

Recently the Brazilian team has focused on making a Sequel to this game where they will introduce new monsters, new duelist and add a difficulty spike for this edition.


- Play with a friend in 2 player mode.
- Trade: Trade cards with a friend.
- Free Duels: Allows you to improve your deck by dueling with opponents that you already dueled.
- Library: Allows you to see the cards description and the monster card in 3-D.
- Password System: You can input the password numbers of real life Yu-Gi-Oh! cards into the game, where you can buy them using starchips you have won from duels.


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