Wattcobra is a LIGHT, 4 star Thunder/effect monster with 1000 Attack and 500 Defence. From the Photon Shockwave set, # 28.

[edit] Effect

"This card can attack your opponent directly. When this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent by a direct attack: Add 1 "Watt" card from your deck to your hand."

[edit] Strategy

As a 4 star monster that can easily attack your life opponents life points directly, it's easy to see value in a card like Wattcobra. Your opponent may not be aware of the potential of this card and will choose to accept a 1000 life point hit.

On your second turn you will have another Wattcobra at your disposal, and then if you get a chance to attack again, you'll have inflicted a total of 3000 damage; at that point, since you attacked directly, your poised to use Wattcobras second ability to pull a third one from your deck. 6000 damage total. Victory the next turn if your opponent hasn't had time to set a trap of some kind.

It's pretty simple to formulate a strategy to protect your cobras while they cripple you're opponent's life points. Simple Counter Trap cards like Seven Tools of the Bandit or Magic Jammer can easily negate most potential threats. your opponent may be tempted to destroy all of them with a dark hole, but by the time that you have 3 of them on the field by your opponents turn that they could activate it, they've already taken up to 6000 damage. A dark hole earlier on could be helpful to your opponent to destroy 2 wattcobras before they;ve done some serious damage, but if you've managed to attack before your opponent uses it use, you can summon another Wattcobra to inflict more damage.

Using Wattcobra in combination with Prime Material Dragon (PMD) can also be very effective. At the cost of discarding one card from your hand to the graveyard, PMD can negate spell and trap, and Effect Monsters Effects that would destroy 1 or more monsters on your side of the field.

(Example: You have Wattcobra and PMD and you attack with wattcobra, and your opponent activates Mirror Force; you discard 1 card from your hand to the graveyard and mirror forces effect is negated and the card is destroyed and sent tot the graveyard.)

Suddenly your opponent can find themselves unable to destroy your Wattcobras and your getting a couple of extra cards to fill out whatever cards your discarding from Prime Material Dragon.

Another great strategy is to use them in conjunction with Swords of Revealing Light. Depending on the timing and whatever other Counter trap cards you have face down (such as Solemn Judgement, Magic Jammer, Seven Tools of the Bandit, Dark Bribe, etc.) it can be a winning combination.

As they are easy to pull from your deck when you have 3 copies in your deck, they also make great discard cards or Synchro summon monsters depending on the type of Synchro monster.

Easy to summon, bothersome to your opponent and easily capable of creating interesting combinations and set-ups, Wattcobra is an efficient card that could end up being a silent killer in your deck.

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