Volcanic Doomfire Tin

Volcanic Doomfire Tin

Card Pack (CT04)
Cover Card Volcanic Doomfire

[edit] Description

Collectible Tin 2007

1st Launch: "Elemental Hero Grand Neos", "Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus", "Destiny Hero - Plasma"

2nd Launch: "Volcanic Doomfire", "Rainbow Dragon", "Elemental Hero Plasma Vice"

2nd Launch Collectible Tin includes:

1 "Power of the Duelist" Booster Pack, 1 "Cyberdark Impact" Booster Pack, 1 "Strike of Neos" Booster Pack, 1 "Force of the Breaker" Booster Pack, 1 "Tactical Evolution" Booster Pack, and 1 Variant GX Card.

[edit] Volcanic Doomfire Tin set list

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