Turret Warrior

Turret Warrior
Card Pack Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Starter Deck [5DS1]

Crimson Crisis [CRMS]

Card Number 5DS1-EN015, CRMS-EN001
Rarity Common
Attribute Earth Earth.png
Card Type Warrior Monster
Card Sub-Type Effect Monster
Monster Level 5
ATK 1200
DEF 2000
Card Text You can Tribute 1 Warrior-Type monster to Special Summon this card from your hand. If you do, it gains ATK equal to the Tributed monster's original ATK.
TCG Status Unlimited

[edit] Ruling

  • You can Tribute a face-down Warrior for “Turret Warrior”, and it will still gain the appropriate ATK.
  • You can Tribute a Warrior-Type Token monster to Special Summon “Turret Warrior”, or a card like “Embodiment of Apophis” that is currently a Warrior. “Turret Warrior” still gains the appropriate ATK in these cases.
  • If you Tribute a Warrior with variable ATK, like “Evil Hero Dark Gaia”, the original ATK is treated as 0 so “Turret Warrior” gains no bonus ATK.
  • Tributing a Warrior to Special Summon “Turret Warrior” is not a cost; both the Tribute and the ATK increase are part of the effect.
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