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Ever since Abyss Rising has been released to both the OCG and the TCG, the Mermail Archetype gained alot of fans. It has been toppping at every YCS so far, but what makes them so powerful? It all starts with another Archetype; Atlanteans. The Atlanteans hold special effects when send to the Graveyard for the effects of Water-Type monsters. Atlantean Heavy Infantry takes out Face-Up cards where Atlantean Marksman takes out the Set cards. Next to that Atlantean Dragoons]] exists which can search out any Sea Serpent monsters. to further examine their power we'll look at 2 cards of the Genex Archetype; Genex Undine and [Genex Controller]]. Genex Controller is a useless Tuner but is required in the Deck for Undine. When Genex Undine is Normal Summoned, you can send 1 Water monster from your deck to the Graveyard and then add a Controller to the hand. Via Undine you can send the Atlantean you need to the grave in order to gain it's effect and sending the water monster is a cost meaning it cannot be negated. Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord assists in the deck's One-Turn Kill possibilities. The grave control of a Mermail deck is great meaning that Moulinglacia can be summoned really easily and it's effect to discard up to 2 cards your opponent has in his hand is amazing. (be warned as Moulinglacia activates the effects of Dark World monsters. All those cards aside, lets see what makes Mermail a Mermail deck. Mermail Abysspike lets you discard to fetch a Mermail monsters. Mermail Abysslinde, when she is destroyed you can summon 1 Mermail monster from your deck and finally the boss monster of the deck: Mermail Abyssmegalo. This beast can be summoned from the hand by discarding 2 water monsters and then you can get a Abyss-sphere. This card can also be summoned via Abysslinde and he even has the possibility to attack twice by tributing a water monster you control. He also gives acces to Rank 7 monsters like Number 11: Big Eye and is the card that makes you listen to the soundtracks of Jaws. Be in awe as you come across this deck of sea monsters as they will drag you to the ocean's floor if you do not come prepared.

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