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released in the latest big set, Cosmo Blazer, we have Breakthrough Skill. This card is the Trap form of Effect Veiler but with it's own pro's and con's in contrary to each other. Like any other Trap card you need to Set this card until atleast the next turn but unlike Veiler you can use this card during your own and your opponent's turn. These days we have lots of mass destruction decks out there who do it via the grave or the field but unfortunately this card focusses on those on the field. That annoying Inzektor Dragonfly or that Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear that are going to use their efefcts to gain advantage over you. They will be stopped in their tracks because of this card but only as long as they are Face-Up on the field. If it was only this, why use this card over Effect Veiler at times? Well that is because of this card's grave effect. If your opponent has an Ally of Justice Catastor or another card that will be using it's effect during your turn, you can Banish this card from your Graveyard to stop and walk over them. Whether you add this card to your arsenal, value it as a threat or underestimate it, remember that Dimensional Fissure cannot touch it and that Macro Cosmos disrupt it's second effect whereas Effect Veiler is dead in the water.

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