Summary (Forbidden Memories)

[edit] Background:

Taking place centuries before the manga, anime, and card game series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories casts you as the ancient Egyptian ancestor of Yugi. Egypt is beset by impending doom, and only by unravelling the mysteries of the Shadow Game and the seven magical totems can you hope to save the land. Forbidden Memories features cards straight from the card game, which you can use to duel and trade with your friends.

[edit] Gameplay:

Yami Yugi or what you decide to name the guy can walk around in a 2-d map with the directional buttons. He can duel many opponents in the dueling grounds. In the dueling map, you can be able to see your monster cards in 3-d by pressing circle. You can check your cards in the library which will show the card and the monster in 3-d. In the free duel, you get to duel the opponents you already beaten and in campaign you get to duel new opponents. Yami-Yugi gets to get new cards by each duel you win. If Yami-Yugi decides to buy a card he can by having a certain amount of starchips and the cards code located in the oficial YU-GI-OH trading card game. If Yami-Yugi beats the game, he gets a code for the official YU-GI-OH Duelest Of Roses Game for the PS2 platform.

[edit] Features:

-You can be able to play with a friend in 2 player mode.
-Trade: Trade cards with a friend.
-Free Duels: Allows you to improve your deck by dueling with opponents that you already dueled.
-Library: Allows you to see the cards description and the monster card in 3-D.

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