Standby Phase

The Standby Phase occurs after the Draw Phase and before Main Phase 1. Certain cards have effects which activate during this time. If there are are no effects that need to be resolved during this time and no cards activated, nothing happens in this phase. Quick-play spells and any type of trap card may be activated during this time.

[edit] Examples of effects occurring in the Standby Phase

  • Bowganian's effect to inflict 600 points of damage to the opponent activates in this phase
  • Card Trader's effect takes place during this phase
  • Fairy Box's optional effect of paying 500 life points to keep it on the field activates during this phase
  • Shattered Axe's effect to decrease a monster's attack points by 500 takes place during the Standby Phase
  • Snatch Steal's effect that restores the opponent's life points by 1000 points takes place during the Standby Phase

[edit] Previous Phase

Draw Phase

[edit] Next Phase

Main Phase 1

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