A set card is a face down card on the field. The process of playing a card face down is called setting.


[edit] What cards can be set?

  • Any Monster card that can be normal summoned
    • Tributes are still required if the monster would require them normally
      • Setting a monster still counts as a summon
  • Any Spell card
    • Any number of spell cards may be set in a single turn
  • Any Trap card
    • Any number of trap cards may be set in a single turn

[edit] When can I set a card?

Anytime during your Main Phase 1 or Main Phase 2 when there are no cards active in a chain.

[edit] When can I activate a set card?

  • You can activate a set spell card during one of your main phases,
    • Normal Spell cards may be activated during the same turn they are set
  • Trap cards may be activated whenever their conditions (if any) are met
    • Trap Hole, for example:
      1. Your opponent summons Mermaid Knight during their Main Phase 1
      2. You can activate Trap Hole in response to that, since it's specified condition is met

[edit] What about the Set Monster Cards?

When a monster card is set, you cannot flip it face up during the same turn unless by a card effect. You may flip the monster during your next turn or any turn after that as long as you do this in one of your main phases. When a monster's position is manually changed by flipping it face up, it must be put in face up attack position.

[edit] Other methods of setting a card

Certain cards have effects which allow you to set cards during other times, or in different ways. Two examples of this are Dust Tornado and Ancient Gear Drill.

  • Dust Tornado, after destroying a spell or trap card, says you may set a spell or trap card from your hand. This allows you to play a spell or trap from your hand during your opponents turn, which is normally prohibited.
  • Ancient Gear Drill allows you to set a spell card from your deck, a normally illegal maneuver, after the conditions on the card have been met.

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