A Ritual is a type of Special Summon performed to summon Ritual Monsters, which are monsters that are colored light blue. Ritual Monsters were first introduced from the Duelist Kingdom era, with the antagonist Maximillion Pegasus using Relinquished in duels with the main character. Unfortunately, Ritual Monsters have the least amount of support within the game, with support cards only recently introduced. However, some Ritual Monsters have the most powerful effects, such as Herald of Perfection

Each Ritual Monster has their own corresponding Ritual Spell, with the exception of Advanced Ritual Art. To summon the Ritual monster, both the Ritual Spell and the Ritual Monster are required to be in the player's hand prior to the activation of the Ritual Spell. When the Ritual Spell is activated, monster(s) equal to the level of the Ritual monster must be offered as a Tribute, from either the Hand or the Field. It is not uncommon for Ritual summons to be performed with a Ritual monster tributed for another.

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