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[edit] What is Priority?

Priority is, essentially, your right as a duelist to be able to activate an effect and make sure it finds itself in the first link in a chain. Priority can change under certain conditions, but the majority of the time, it remains with the turn player. Before we get into examples to show how priority is applied in a duel, there are a few key things to remember:

  • Monster effects do not have to have the monster on the field for the effect to resolve unless stated otherwise. This means that if a monster gets removed from the field after its effect is activated as part of a chain, unless the card states that it has to be on the field the whole time for the effect to resolve, the effect will still carry through.
  • Priority can be passed at any time by simply saying you wish to do so. However, there are a few situations where priority changes automatically:
    • The turn player automatically regains priority at the end of any phase in his/her turn.
    • The opponent will automatically gain priority if he/she has a monster with a compulsory trigger effect on the field that has been triggered.

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