Normal Summon

The main way monsters come to the field is by being normal summoned.


[edit] How do I normal summon?

During your main phase 1 or main phase 2, play a monster from your hand face up or set it face-down.

  • All normal summons must be in face up attack position or face down defense position
    • Attack position is always vertical and defense position is always horizontal.

[edit] What do the stars have to do with it?

The stars are the level of the monster. The number of stars determine the number of tributes required to normal summon a monster.

[edit] No tributes

Monsters with levels 1 through 4 require no tribute to be normal summoned.

[edit] One tribute

Monsters level 5 and 6 require one tribute in order to be normal summoned.

[edit] Two tributes

Monsters with a level of 7 or above require two monsters in order to be normal summoned.

[edit] Tribute summoning?

Tribute summoning is simply normal summoning a monster that requires a tribute.

[edit] How do I tribute summon? What happens?

You place the monster or monsters that are tributes in the graveyard. After this, you play the monster from your hand like normal.

[edit] How often and when can I normal summon?

You may only do this once per turn during one of your main phases unless a card effect states otherwise. An example of one of these cards is Double Summon, which allows you to summon once more during the turn it is played.

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