Monster Reborn

Monster Reborn

File:.png Attribute Type Rank Attack Defense
n/a Spell Card / Normal Spell n/a n/a n/a
Card Text
(LOB) (SDY) (SDK)(SDJ) (SDP) Select 1 Monster Card from either your opponent's or your own Graveyard and place it on the field under your control in Attack or Defense Position (face-up). This is considered a Special Summon.

(SKE) Select 1 monster from either you or your opponent's Graveyard. Special Summon the selected monster on your side of the field.

(DPYG) Special Summon 1 monster from either player's Graveyard to your side of the field.

Card Effect Types
Continuous, Ignition, Condition
TCG Sets
Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon - Ultra Rare

Starter Deck: Yugi - Common

Starter Deck: Kaiba - Common

Starter Deck: Joey - Common

Starter Deck: Pegasus - Common

Starter Deck: Kaiba Evolution - Common

Duelist Pack: Yugi - Rare

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