[edit] Introduction

Mermails are an archetype introduced in Abyss Rising. All Mermails are WATER, with their Level 3 Monsters being females and Aqua-type, and their Level 4 Monsters being males and also being Fish-type.

[edit] Members

[edit] Gameplay

The basics of the Mermail playstyle revolve around controlling the field. They do this by cycling through cards in their hand to give them the right tools to answer the opponent's field and utilizing strong Special Summon effects to gain access to generally Rank 4 Xyz that will further your command of the field. They also have 2 themed methods of inhibiting the opponent's monster effects: Abyss-scale of the Kraken, an equip spell that forcibly negates an opponent's monster effect that activates on the field, and Mermail Abyssgaios, the Rank 7 that will negate the effects of all monsters your opponent controls whose ATK is currently lower than that of Gaioabyss [Naturally 2800]. The combination of these traits makes Mermails a key threat to decks such as Inzektors and Wind-Ups who operate prominently from on-field monster effects with less than stellar ATK values.

[edit] Core

These are the cards that should be included in every Mermail deck.

2-3 Mermail Abyssmegalo

This card is a 2400 beater that is searchable by, Mermail Abysslinde and Atlantean Dragoons. This card can bypass the effects of Thunder King Rai-Oh and Evolzar Laggia so you don't have to worry about these problematic cards destroying Mermail Abyssmegalo. It's double attacking effect to activate is a cost, so you can send Atlantean monsters, and get their effects.

3x Mermail Abysspike

Abysspike is one of the two Mermail monsters that controls the contents of your hand. Generally, this effect will only search Abyssgunde and Marksman from your deck. But the more important part of his effect is that you trigger the effects of Abyssgunde, Heavy Infantry, and Marksman in doing so. This provides control of your field that can only be properly stopped from being a +1 by negating its summon. Gunde becomes exceptionally notable due to being able to revive Abyssturge when Pike is summoned, letting you potentially +2 off of a single summon, and select a discard fodder to prepare to answer your opponent's next cards.

3x Mermail Abyssturge

The second Mermail monster that will control the contents of your hand. Abyssturge grabs from the Graveyard, making him require you already have a bit of setup prepared, but he does have the very notable advantage of being able to add Atlantean Heavy Infantry or Marksman to your hand, which is rather crucial to keeping your opponent's monsters checked at all times. He operates similarly to Pike for the most part, however.

2-3x Mermail Abyssgunde

Abyssgunde is necessary for Xyz plays without Depthsquall. With Gunde, one Summon becomes 2 level 4 Monsters who can become an Xyz to answer a multitude of scenarios, a selected discard fodder for next turn, and destroying a card your opponent controls in the process. Depending on how the deck is built, only 2 copies might be needed depending on how often discard effects are triggered. It is important to remember that Abyssgunde's effect can only ever be used once per turn.

2-3 Mermail Abysslinde

This is the card that you are going to search with Abyss-sphere monster of the time. Due to Abyssphere destroying Abysslinde, she gets her effect and then grabs a Mermail monster from your deck.

2-3 Abyss-sphere

This card is searchable by Mermail Abyssmegalo, and the card that you are going to grab with this is Mermail Abysslinde, the only time you would search anything else if your pushing for game, or you need a quick beater to destroy a certain monster. The reason why this is so useful when you activate this during your opponents turn you won't be restricted to activate spells.

1-3x Atlantean Marksman

Marksman destroys any set card on the field, so if you think your opponent has a set Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter or a set Trap/Spell that may affect your plays. He also has an useful effect to get an Atlantean monster when he deals damage to your opponent, allowing several OTKs with him.

1-3x Atlantean Heavy Infantry

Infantry destroys face-up cards on the field, so if your opponent has a has a card like Spirit Reaper or Marshmallon it gets rid of them. It's effect allows you to normal summon a Sea-Serpent in addition to your normal summon, which allows some other OTKs to be achived as well.

[edit] Staples

These cards should also be added with the Core before adding any techs.

1x Monster Reborn

Monster Reborn is great in here since it allows you to reuse the effect of Abysspike or Abyssturge, due to their effect activating when they are Normal Summoned or Special summoned. Reborn can also get a monster from your opponents graveyard to Xyz with it or to Synchro summon the monster you got off of Reborn with Diva.

1x Dark Hole

This card helps us to clear the field to push for game, and any of the Mermail monsters that were destroyed by Dark Hole can be Special Summoned by Gunde.

2-3x Mystical Space Typhoon

Mystical Space Typhoon can destroy your opponents backrow that needs to taken off of the field due to it being to troublesome (cards like Macro Cosmos and [[Dimensional Fissure). MST can also be used when you are trying to push for game and they still have some backrow.

1x Heavy Storm

Heavy destroys all the S/T on the field, and that could allow you to push for game, or get rid of cards that are going to affect any of your plays.

[edit] Tech

These are the prominently used cards you add to the main deck after you have your core established. They provide support to help the deck succeed.

0-1x Mermail Abyssdine

Abyssdine allows Rank 3 plays in the deck, and it quite easy to add her to your hand. Some of the cards are; Mermail Abysspike, Mermail Abyssturge, and Salvage. With her added into the deck it becomes even more easier to summon Abysstrite since all you need is a Level 3 monster and you can summon her and she becomes a 2800 floater which all attack go to her or card effects.

2-3x Salvage

Salvage is great since it allows you to recycle your Atlanteans, to use their effects again, or using it with Mermail Abyssdine to go into a Rank 3 monster.

0-1x Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord

Moulinglacia can be summoned in this deck since all the Monsters are WATER monsters, and is searchable by Atlantean Dragoons. It makes your opponent to discard two cards, which can help you win the game. Also being 2800 attack also helps since it can get over many monsters, and your opponent might have trouble getting over it.

0-3x Deep Sea Diva

This card enables Synchro Summons or Xyz Summons, since the Atlantean monster are Sea Serpent and level 3 or lower (Atlantean Heavy Infantry and Atlantean Marksman). Diva has many uses in the deck due to it searching out your Atlanteans.

0-3x Atlantean Dragoons

This card can search the Atlantean monsters, Deep Sea Diva , Mermail Abyssmegalo , or Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord. It's effect is really easy to pull of since you can use Genex Undine to send it to graveyard, or you can Special Summon it with Atlantean Marksman to deal some extra damage.

0-3x Genex Undine + 0-2x Genex Controller

This engine may be used since it can activate your Atlantean effects from your deck, or use it to send Atlantean Dragoons. Undine is mostly played Mermail Atlanteans, due to it being an amazing toolbox for the deck. Though, if your running the Undine engine you may want to consider running the deck at 41 to 42 cards so as not to draw Controller.

0-2x Tragoedia

Since Mermails can sometimes have a big hand due to, Salvage,Genex Undine,Pot of Avarice, etc. It can also stop OTKs since this deck runs little backrow.

0-1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

Same reasoning as Tragoedia, but also gives you a token as well. This could help if your opponent is recklessly attacking directly with their strongest monster, and making the token even stronger as well.

0-3x Cardcar D

This card is a good turn one play, since your most likely going to set Abyss-sphere, and nets you a quick +1.

0-1x Allure of Darkness

This card is only used if your running the Genex Undine engine, so you can get rid of Genex Controller in your hand.

0-3x Forbidden Lance

Lance is helpful here since you don't want your Mermail Abyssmegalo being destroyed, or other cards you want to protect.

0-1x Pot of Avarice

Since Mermails fill the grave quite easily, Avarice recycles any monsters that you may want back in the deck, and also gets a +1. Avarice adds in Mermail monsters that you may want to use with if you still have an unused Abysslinde.

0-2x Raigeki Break

Basically, the same thing as Allure of Darkness but it allows to destroy a card on the field instead so you can destroy cards on your opponents side of the field like Macro Cosmos. Dimensional Fissure, and other problematic cards.

0-3x Abyss-squall

Abyssqual allows Mermails to special summon themselves from the graveyard, and then go into a Rank 3,4, or 7.

0-2x Call of the Haunted

COTH can bring back Mermail Abysspike or Mermail Abyssturge to activate their effects. It can also be used to summon Mermail Abysslinde from the graveyard and if they destroy Linde you get a free Mermail monster from your deck. COTH can bring back Megalo or any Atlantean that you need.

0-3x Spiritual Water Art - Aoi

Aoi is great here since you can tribute a used up Genex Undine, or a Diva you didn't use last turn. Aoi lets you prepare what your opponent has in hand and allows you to send a card from their hand to graveyard. This is also great if you hit an important card like, Monster Reborn, Dark Hole, or any sided cards from your opponent.

[edit] Extra Deck

1x Ally of Justice Catastor

This card can be easily made with Deep Sea Diva and Atlantean Marksman.

1x Black Rose Dragon

Black Rose can nuke the field when your opponent dedicates to the field, or if they have problematic cards on their field that need to be destroyed.

1x Daigusto Phoenix

This card helps Mermails with OTKs, or when you just need to deal some more extra damage in.

1-2x Gachi Gachi Gantetsu

This card is easily made by Deep Sea Diva and Atlantean Heavy Infantry. This card could be used for stalling, or for increasing your Mermail Abyssmegalo.

1x Number 11: Big Eye

Big Eye is used if you need to get rid of one your opponents monsters.

[edit] Skeleton Decklist

[edit] Side Deck

2-3 Dust Tornado

Dust Tornado is useful when your opponent is using a backrow heavy deck, or if you need to get rid of Macro Cosmos/Dimensionl Fissure.

2-3 Imperial Iron Wall

This card is used in the side deck since you expect your opponent to side in Macro Cosmos/Dimensional Fissure. Macro Cosmos is a threat to this deck since it involves the graveyard, in order to go off.

2x Gozen Match

Since the whole deck is WATER Attribute monsters, this allows you to side this in for match-ups that use more than one Attribute.

2-3 Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror

This card helps against that Dark World match up and the Inzektor match up as well.

[edit] Weakness

Mermails rely heavily on the graveyard. If your opponent can activate something Macro Cosmos, or Dimensional Fissure you will have a hard time playing since all your resources are going to be banished. A well timed Torrential Tribute can mess up your plays and give your opponent the advantage. Thunder King can slow this deck down due to all the searching and special summoning.

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