Inzektor Hopper

Part of the Inzektor Archetype

Inzektor Hopper
Card Pack Order of Chaos (ORCS)
Card Number ORCS-EN081
Rarity Rare
Attribute DARK Dark.png
Card Type Insect Monster
Card Sub-Type Effect Monster
Monster Level 4
ATK 1700
DEF 1400
(ORCS) Card Text Once per turn: You can equip 1 "Inzektor" monster from your hand or Graveyard to this card. While this card is equipped to a monster, that monster's Level is increased by 4. While this card is equipped to a monster: You can send this Equip Card to the Graveyard; the monster it was equipped to can attack your opponent directly this turn. Other monsters cannot attack the turn you activate this effect.
TCG Status Unlimited
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