[edit] Introduction

The Hieratic Archetype is a group of Light-Attribute Dragon-Type monsters who made their debut in Galactic Overlord. The Hieratic monsters are based on Tributing other Hieratic monster to Swarm the field with powerful Xyz Monsters. Though not having been present at any big tournaments yet, they are a powerful force to reckon with. Currently they are the only deck type with all of their main cards in one booster pack.

[edit] Game Play

Like said before, the Hieratics gain effects by being Tributed so that they snowball into Rank 6 and 8 Xyz Monsters. The archetype has 2 Level 4 monsters: Hieratic Dragon of Nuit and Hieratic Dragon of Gebeb who can be Normal Summoned and can be used to make Rank 4 monsters. By Tributing Gebeb to Special Summon Hieratic Dragon of Su from your hand you can Special Summon 1 Dragon-Type Normal Monster from your Hand, Graveyard or Deck to the field (often being either Wattaildragon, Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord, Luster Dragon 2 or Hieratic Seal of the Dragon King). These plays can result into Hieratic Dragon King of Atum OTK plays or will result into multiple Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis to tear down the field.

The Hieratics are also supported by a number of Spell Cards and Trap Cards whom are all Seals, these Seals can search for Hieratic monsters, Special Summon them, Banish cards and negate cards.

The Fact that the Hieratics are all Light-Attribute Dragon-Type mosnters gives them reasonable support in the form of Gozen Match, Rivalry of Warlords and most notably of all: Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. The same facts also gives them a reasonable amount of weaknesses like Light-Imprisoning Mirror and to some extent: Skill Drain.

Since Heiratic decks usually rely heavily on tributing, they have weakness of cards that prevent tributing like Mask of Restrict and Fog King.

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Xyz Monsters



[edit] Recommended Cards

Main Deck

Side Deck

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[edit] Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series

Hieratics have now been officially released and have had many appearances at many YCS, most notably a Top 4 finish very recently.

Top 32

Top 16

Top 8

Top 4

YCS Indianapolis 2012


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