Evol is a group of three FIRE-attribute sub-archetypes: Evoltile, Evolsaur, and Evolzar. As suggested by the Archetype's name, the deck depicts the evolution of a Reptile, as it evolves into a Dinosaur and finally into a Dragon. The archetypes are first introduced in Photon Shockwave, and have continued to gain additional support in each booster pack.


[edit] Evoltile

Evoltile monsters are the first stage in the "evolution", as they have a Reptile typing and resemble various prehistoric reptiles. Their name is a Portmanteau of "Evolution" and "Reptile", as they are a sub-archetype of reptiles.

Their effects focus on the special-summon of Evolsaurs, hence "Evolving" to the next stage.

[edit] Evolsaurs

A portmanteau of "Evolution" and "Dinosaurs", Evolsaurs are the next stage with the evolution. As their name suggests, they are Dinosaur-type, and resemble prehistoric dinosaurs.

Their effects can only be used when they are Special Summoned by Evoltiles, creating a reliance on the evolutionary process of their predecessors.

[edit] Evolzar

The final Evol sub-archetype, Evolzars are the final stage of evolution, and are large dragons with one of the most powerful effects in the game. The term "Evolzar" is a portmanteau of "Evolution", and "Czar".

All 3 of the Evolzars have effects involving on the negation of cards, showing the controlling "Czar"-like abilities of the dragons.

[edit] Game Play

The main goal of the deck is to bring out the boss monsters, the Evolzars, as summoning the boss monsters early in the game will nearly guarantee a win.

To achieve this, quick special-summons are used within the deck, primarily with Evoltile Najasho who creates the most common plays within the deck, as its combination with Evo-Force generate card advantage and allow for the quick summoning of the Evolzars.

However, protection of the Evolzars is required, as they are susceptible to baiting from the opponent. Therefore, a large amount of protection cards and/or Traps are generally used in Evol decks, such as Forbidden Lance.

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