Egyptian Gods

The egyptian gods are a group of three monsters with incredible ATK/DEF, or effects, they're Slifer the sky dragon (Osiris Sky Dragon), Obelisk the Tormenter (Huge Soldier Obelisk) and Winged Dragon of Ra (Appolo's winged dragon)

[edit] In the Card Game

In the trading card game, the first prints of the Egyptian gods were banned from play, though Konami has released legal versions of the cards now.

[edit] In the anime

In the anime, the egyptian gods made there first appearance in the Marik arc, where Yugi recieved Slifer the Sky Dragon from one of the rare hunters after defeating him. Later on, Kaiba recieved Obelisk the Tormentor by defeating another rare hunter, meanwhile Marik possesed The Winged Dragon of Ra, Yugi eventually recieved all three gods by the end of the Marik arc, in the egypt arc, The Egyptian Gods were often used by the pharoah when fighting Diabound, then later on when fighting Zorc (soku), however, they were constantly defeated by Zorc until they fused together to become Horakthy the bringer of light.

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