Domino City

Domino City is the name of a fictional city situated in Japan in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe. It is the hometown of many main characters in the anime and manga. Several major storylines occur in Domino City, such as Seto Kaiba's Battle City duelists' tournament.

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[edit] History

[edit] Yu-Gi-Oh!


In Yu-Gi-Oh!, this is the main location for the series' main protagonists to spend their time, namely Joey Wheeler, Tea Gardner, Yugi Muto and Tristan Taylor, mostly during the early chapters of the manga and the first series.

In this show, many of the locations can be connected to the Battle City Tournament, for example, the Egyptian exhibit in the museum, the docks, and Kaiba Land. Other buildings here that are of vital importance to the series are the Kaiba Corporation buildings, the arcade, Duke Devlin's shop and Kane Game, also known as Solomon Muto's shop.

[edit] Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

While the majority of the action in this series takes part in the Duel Academy, some appearances of the original series' location still occur. In some episodes of the second season, Jaden Yuki and his friends travel to the City to visit some of the iconic buildings from the first series, and meet Solomon Muto. In the final season, Jaden returns to duel Trueman, as Axel Brodie loses against him as he has copied Brodie's father's deck. Jaden attempts to escape from a group of Mr. Ts and ends up requiring rescue from Sartorius.

[edit] Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's


At the start of this series, Domino City is divided into two locations: the original body of the city now known as Satellite, and the new city, New Domino. A new hierarchy was established by Rex Goodwin, where those who live in New Domino are higher than the residents of Satellite, who are effectively slaves.

Prior to the series' pilot, we know that a major event known as the Zero Reverse took place, seperating the two areas, known to be caused by the Ener-D reactor being overloaded 17 years ago.

The two areas are connected by the Pipeline, which channels rubbish from New Domino to Satellite to be recycled by the populace in the many plants. Once a month, the piepline is cleared for maintenance to take place, and it is during this time where those lucky enough to own Duel Runners can make a dangerous escape, which Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlas use to get to New Domino.

After the Dark Signers were defeated, Yusei requested that the Daedalus Bridge be completed so people could travel between the two locations, and to help remove the inequality between the citizens.

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