Disaster Dragon


[edit] Introduction

Disaster Dragon is an Aggro deck that focusses on mainting control by having multiple massive Dragon monsters on the field. Dragons have been ever popular since the dawn of the game with the 2 most well known being Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Red-Eyes B. Dragon. When the game picked up pace these 2 brutes couldn't keep up with the fast summoning anymore. In recent times a whole bunch of new cards was introduced to the dragons and it has split them up in 3 groups: Disaster Dragon, Hopeless Dragon and Chaos Dragon. The return of their popularity was when Red-Eyes Wyvern and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon were introduced to the game and it gave them the speed they longed for in their bloodlust. Out of all 3 versions of the Dragon decks, Disaster Dragon is the most popular one, and is always present at big tournaments even though they do not top them since many other decks rely on mass destruction and are able to negate the summoning of the powerful dragons that are used.

[edit] Game Play

Disaster Dragon has a simple game play, summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon as fast as you can and use him to put other big monsters on the field. Disaster Dragon utilizes a 100% Dragons-only strategy so that they can use Totem Dragon and Light and Darkness Dragon. It is also imprtant to get Future Fusion to your hand as fast as you can, since activating it means you'll have to send 5 dragons to the grave for the summon of Five-Headed Dragon and the dragons that are in the grave can be special summoned by Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.

as part of their strategy, Koa'ki Meiru Drago is usually used in the deck to negate the Special Summon of all Light and Dark type monsters, though this means you cannot activate Future Fusion with him on the field. Delta Flyer is the main Tuner of the deck and is able to raise the level of another monster on the field, easily making level 8 Synchro monsters. The deck also gained support when the Xyz Monsters were introduced making them even stronger, though only a few of them has been released in the TCG like Thunder End Dragon and Number 17: Leviathan Dragon.

Other helpful cards in the deck are Dodger Dragon, Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and Masked Dragon whom each have their own effects to either speed up the deck or prevent cards from destroying them.

Disaster Dragon relies quite much on their field effects so Skill Drain is a problem card to play against though it won't negate the summon of the spearheads: Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and Five-Headed Dragon.

Disaster Dragon has many different ways of being used and can be put together in many different ways, it's just a matter of taste.

[edit] Recommended Cards

Main Deck

Side Deck

Extra Deck

[edit] Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series

Though being present at these kind of tournaments, they haven't topped any YCS lately.

Top 32

Top 16

Top 8

Top 4


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