DARK is one of the seven Attributes in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game, which is known for its plethora of monsters, including the iconic Dark Magician.

Despite its appearance as the polar opposite of LIGHT, DARK and LIGHT monsters can coexist in certain decks such as the popular Chaos deck.

DARK is one of the most supported Attributes within the OCG & TCG, having a nearly equal amount of support as its counterpart, the Light Attribute. Demonstrating the extensive support of this attribute, many powerful archetypes consist of only DARK-attribute monsters, a few of which have been known to historically dominate competitive formats. Additionally, many Spell and Trap Cards give additional support for such decks.

Being the most common Attribute, DARK monsters tend to fill a majority of decks, with rarely any decks lacking monsters whom contain a DARK attribute. As such, DARK monsters can have themes shared by other attributes. Nonetheless, many DARK monsters share the theme of effects related to the Graveyard.

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