Laval Cannon

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Laval Cannon

(HA06-EN003, DT06-EN018)
LavalCannon.jpg Attribute Type Rank Attack Defense
Fire Fire.png Warrior Level 4 1600 900
Card Text
When this card is Normal or Flip Summoned: You can Target 1 of your Banished "Laval" monsters; Special Summon that target.
Card Effect Types
TCG Sets
Hidden Arsenal 6: Omega Xyz - Secret Rare

Duel Terminal 6 - Duel Terminal Rare Parallel Rare

OCG Sets
Duel Terminal - Judgment of Omega!! - Duel Terminal Rare Parallel Rare
Alternate Names Special Links
English: Laval Cannon Chinese: Gallery
German: Laval-Kanonier Greek: Rulings
Portuguese: Thai: Errata
Japanese (Kanji): Japanese (Kana): Strategy
Phonetic: Ravaru Kyanon Translated: Appearances
Anime Appearances
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